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Best Wrist Rests For Gaming in 2021

Written by August 16, 2020

As a gamer crafting the ultimate gaming setup, there are a few things you’ll likely consider first. Typically, these are your computer components, monitor, and network connections. Having a mouse and keyboard that function efficiently is another essential requirement. What many don’t consider are wrist rests. They aren’t the most exciting of accessories, but they can improve the quality and comfort of your gameplay. And protect your wrists from damage.

The investment in a wrist guard will not only prevent injury in your wrists and hands. It will also add comfort to your gaming experience allowing you to game for longer. There are many to choose from, but we’ve reviewed, in no particular order, the ten best wrist rests available. These will save you the hassle and time of trying to locate a good option. Regardless of what your specific needs are, one on our list will tick all your boxes.

Best Memory Foam

Fellowes Wrist Rest

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Best Budget Wrist Rest

Gimars Wrist Rest

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Best Comfort Wrist Rest

Innovera Softskin Gel Mouse Wrist Rest

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1. Fellowes Wrist Rest–Memory Foam

Best Memory Foam

“Comfortable and supportive, preventing any strains or seize ups during your long hours of gaming.”

Holds its shape, even after consistent use

Almost too firm

Narrow and unobtrusive design

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The memory foam wrist rest from Fellowes is arguably the most responsive out there.

The composition responds to the weight of your wrist and shifts the pressure off them. It is comfortable and supportive, preventing any strains or seize ups during your long hours of gaming.

Its outer layer features jersey material, which is durable and will hold up against consistent use without tearing. The design is streamlined and narrow so that it won’t crowd your desktop. It’s nothing fancy, but it does the job.


2. ROCCAT REST Max Ergonomic Gel Wrist Pad

Best Gel Wrist Pad

“Comfortable gel cushioning will stand up to the hours of pressure without losing shape.”

Comfortable Gel Support

Awkward size to use with keyboard and mouse

Anti-slip backing

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Gamers have been kept in mind when designing this wrist rest. Its comfortable gel cushioning will stand up to the hours of pressure without losing shape. The outer cloth shell is durable and can handle abuse during epic gaming sessions.

In terms of size, we’re not sure if they were going for a single wrist rest or double. The length isn’t long enough to rest both wrists on, but it’s significant for just one wrist. We’d probably advise to use it only for your mouse hand.

It’s got an anti-slip rubber backing so it won’t slide or move around during gameplay.


3. Castle Bailey Leather Wrist Rest

Best Leather Wrist Rest

“An excellent option for those who already have carpal tunnel or are suffering from pain in their wrists.”

Made from durable genuine leather

Very stiff


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These genuine leather rests are a classy accent to your desktop, providing firm support for your wrists. It’s got leather composition, which is durable and will soften up the more you use it. It’s an excellent option for those who already have carpal tunnel or are suffering from pain in their wrists. It’s extremely firm, ensuring your wrists remain straight.

It’s the perfect length for a standard keyboard and also wider than most others you can get. It provides you with additional support for your upper arms and your wrists.

It has a double-stitched, rubber base so that it will stay in place throughout your gaming sessions.


4. 3M Gel Wrist Rest

Best Highly Durable Wrist Rest

“A gel base with a patented leatherette outer layer, which is durable and easy to clean.”



Easy to clean, waterproof and stainproof design

Can be purchased with space for keyboard and mouse as well

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3M are at the top of the pack with wrist rests. They have four different upgradable options to choose from, but we will focus on the wrist rest itself.

It has a classic black design, nothing flashy or overly obtrusive. It is a gel base with a patented leatherette outer layer, which is durable and easy to clean. It doesn’t stain or hold odor how a cloth type would, so, for this reason, it’s a great pick.

It is a high-quality product and therefore comes with a high-quality price tag. Expect an even higher price if you go for an upgraded version. There is the option to have the pad large enough to fit your keyboard on it or both keyboard and mouse. It can be upgraded into a lap desk if you have use for it or have the money to spend.


5. Gimars Wrist Rest

Best Budget Wrist Rest

“Excellent for someone who wants comfort and support without dropping a lot of money.”

Comes with a mouse rest and keyboard rest

Non-slip doesn’t work on all surfaces


Poor durability

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This budget wrist rest pack comes with two pieces. It includes one for under the keyboard and a more ergonomic one for your mouse hand. It’s also the most affordable option on our list. This rest is excellent for someone who wants comfort and support without dropping a lot of money. They are both made from memory foam, which holds its shape well and features a stain-resistant Lycra outer cover.

As it is a budget option, there are some issues with long-term durability. The non-slip rubber base isn’t as useful on some surfaces as on others. Although, the price of this wrist rest still makes it highly popular.


6. Innovera Softskin Gel Mouse Wrist Rest

Best Comfort Wrist Rest

“Covered by a Softskin surface that is comfortable to the touch and also both stain and water-resistant.”

Super soft material surface

It can feel slightly rubbery if you are the type to get sweaty wrists

Water and stain-resistant

Slightly concave in the middle, which provides support but can restrict movement.

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We would argue that this gel wrist rest is the most comfortable on our list. It covered by a Softskin surface that is comfortable to the touch and also both stain and water-resistant. The Softskin beats other gel surfaces in terms of smoothness and is softer than Lycra or fabric wrist rests. It’s also super easy to clean and won’t soak up sweat after long hours logged gaming.

It’s got a fantastic ergonomic design that forms perfectly to your wrist, maintaining support and protecting from strain. The base is non-slip so that it won’t move around with your hands.


7. Castle Motte Leather Wrist Rest

Best Secure Support Wrist Rest

“Genuine leather with Castles logo embossed onto the top. It’s got a rare appearance, but at a low price.”

Made from genuine and durable leather

After many hours of gameplay, your wrist may be sweaty and can stick to the fabric

Suitable for those who already have incurred wrist injuries

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This wrist rest is specifically for the mouse hand and provides a secure support solution that’s super durable. The wrist rest is genuine leather with Castles logo embossed onto the top. It’s got a rare appearance, but at a low price. It’s a firm support, so good for those who already have issues with their wrists. It doesn’t have much give and stays in place.

It is a tad wider than most mouse-hand-only rests and provides more thorough support up the lower arms. The textured rubber base sturdy and won’t move around.


8. Aelfox Memory Foam Wrist Rest

Best Luxury Memory Foam

“More comfortable than cheaper foam or gel options, but the quality comes at a higher price point.”

The medical-grade memory foam composition

Not as easy to clean as the others

Versatile with both a keyboard and mouse hand wrist rest

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This wrist rest set, similar to the Gimar one, is two pieces. One wrist rest for below your keyboard and one specifically for your mouse hand.

The difference, however, is that this model is made from high-quality memory foam, and you can feel the difference. It’s more comfortable than cheaper foam or gel options, but the quality comes at a higher price point.

You can choose from its two-color options, black or grey so that it can fit in with your setup better. Its curved design features cool-looking rivets all over. The only issue may be that it is not waterproof and may soak up spills, staining the material.


9. Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad

Best Ergonomic Contour Wrist Rest

“Comfort and support during long gaming sessions, without losing its shape.”

Ergonomic wave design that cradles your wrist

On the thicker side


Not waterproof

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The Belkin WaveRest wrist rest features its own original ‘wave’ design. It ergonomically contours to your wrist, easing the pressure that could cause injury. It’s got a gel composition, for comfort and support during long gaming sessions, without losing its shape. It’s thick, so it would be suited to someone with a bulkier mouse to keep the wrist straight during usage.

Price-wise, it’s a very inexpensive addition to your gaming set up. It comes in a classic black design that will complement the rest of your kit. It’s also very lightweight, so it’s easy to move around if you need to take it somewhere else.


10. Glorious PC Gaming Race Wrist Rest

Best Versatile for Competition

“Sturdy and supportive memory foam, with a soft fabric outer surface and stitched edges for extra durability.”

High-quality made

Has a hard time sticking to certain surfaces

Versatile, with many size options available.

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Last, but not least, is this versatile and high-spec wrist rest that is made specifically for gamers. It’s made from sturdy and supportive memory foam, with a soft fabric outer surface and stitched edges for extra durability. It has a rubber, non-slip base, but it struggles to grip onto smooth surfaces.

It is customizable depending on surface area and the size you are looking for with four different size options available including:

Compact. For shorter keyboards that have no number pad

Full size.
For standard-sized keyboard with number pads

Tenkeyless. For a standard keyboard with no number pad.

A wrist rest just for your mouse hand.

You can get them in standard or thin versions. So you can choose the one for your keyboard. You want your wrists the sit in a neutral position, and therefore have the option of standard or thin is hugely beneficial. Many people are opting for flatter and more lightweight keyboards and need a rest that suits them.

Spending many hours in front of the computer can take a significant toll on our bodies. It’s essential to consider your body when choosing your gaming setup. Companies have put precedence on ergonomic features in their products. They help combat the physical discomforts and risks of being sat in a desk for long hours.

There many physical problems that can arise from spending a lot of time using a computer. Some of the most common are hand and wrist tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and neck and back strain. These can be painful, and there’s no quick fix for these problems. Your best bet is prevention from the start. Choosing a set up that designed to take the pressure and strain off your body is your first step. That’s where wrist rests come in.

What Are Wrist Rests?

Wrist rests come in many varieties, materials, and sizes, but they all have the same function. Place these pads on your desk surface, below your keyboard or mouse pad. They support your wrists during long stints on the computer. It will prevent strain on the wrists and arms to help you avoid cramping or long-term damage.

They are made from a variety of different materials. Some of these include memory foam to gel and offer soft to firm support, depending on your requirements.

It’s easy to forget about the position of our bodies while we are gaming. Often, we don’t notice the discomfort until it turns to pain. Wrist rests prevent injuries and keep you gaming longer and more comfortably.

Should You Use a Wrist Rest?

If you spend time on a computer, we’d recommend using a wrist rest, especially for hardcore gamers. With gaming specifically, it requires a lot of quick movement in your fingers and wrists. Without proper support, it will quickly become painful as your muscles and tendons will work in overdrive.

The small investment in a wrist rest will take the strain off your wrists, preventing damage in your joints and tendons. Worse, you may develop carpal tunnel syndrome, which has become common.

How Can A Wrist Rest Help Prevent Problems?

Wrist rests offer your wrists support, so they aren’t continually straining. They can dramatically help prevent problems from arising like the most common, carpal tunnel and tendonitis. The problems come when your wrist is in a non-neutral position for an extended period. A properly sized wrist rest will keep your wrists straight, in a comfortable and neutral place.

If you get one that is too thick, it may put unnecessary pressure on your wrist and make things worse. So, your wrist rest must be the proper size. You can tell this as your wrists should be in a neutral position when they are on the rest.

Without a rest, your wrist will dip between your body and the keyboard or gaming mouse because of the gap. The rest bridges that gap, keeping your wrists at elbow height. It can also help maintain good circulation into your hands.

How to Set Up for Success

How you set up your gaming desk can go a long way. It can ensure you maintain good posture and have less risk of long-term injury. When setting up all your components, it’s best to eliminate the chances of strain from the beginning.

Make sure your monitor is approximately an arm’s length away from where you’re sat. Set your seat height to allow your neck to maintain a neutral position, therefore not putting a strain on your spine. It should also be at a height where your arms can be at a 90-degree angle or more. Do not have your hands higher than your elbows. All these factors can help you maintain a better posture and avoid discomfort while you game.

What Should You Look for In a Wrist Rest?

So, you’re now convinced that investing in a wrist rest will be beneficial to your gaming experience. Which one should you get? If you plug in a search, it will return hundreds of options. While they are inexpensive, you don’t want to throw your money away willy-nilly by picking a random one. There are a few key features to look for when you are choosing a wrist rest.

Comfort and Support

Wrist rests should follow a similar ergonomic design. You should be able to comfortably rest your wrists for either keyboard or mouse use without discomfort. If you’re looking at a mouse-specific wrist rest, then it should be slightly curved. It should look like a half-circle kind of formation, to fit the shape of your wrist. For keyboard rests, they are usually narrow and long and sit just below your keyboard.


Choose the right size for your current set up. Pay attention to the thickness of the rest. Make sure that it will suit the height of your mouse or keyboard, allowing your wrist to stay level. You will also want to make sure it will fit comfortably on your desktop. If you’ve got a smaller surface, than you may need a shorter wrist rest.

Non-Slip Base

You will want to ensure the base of the rest is non-slip rubber or has some built-in suction. A good base will make sure it doesn’t move. Since gaming requires a lot of quick and controlled mouse movements, the last thing you want is the wrist rest slipping around.

Wrist rests should be an essential accessory for your gaming kit. They can provide extra comfort during long sessions and save your wrists from developing an injury.

What’s our favorite? In terms of comfort, we’ve got to give it to the Innovera Softskin. But where overall quality and support are concerned, the Glorious PC Gaming Race Wrist Rest has our vote. Glorious PC provides options to fit a variety of setups, and high-quality memory foam will hold its shape.

Whether you need extra firm support or something softer, we hope that you’ve found the fit for you on our list.

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