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Best Keyboard For Fortnite – 2021

Written by August 24, 2020

If you’re in the market for an excellent keyboard for Fortnite, don’t choose anything less than a mechanical keyboard.

The only keyboards that the top Fortnite players use in competitions are high-end mechanical keyboards. If you want only the best results, then no other type would suffice, especially the regular membrane ones. You need to stay away from those when buying a keyboard that you plan to use for Fortnite. Only a mechanical keyboard can give you the edge you’ll need to survive, let alone compete in that game.

We’re here to help you find the keyboard that would be the most suitable for you. To help you decide which one to pick, we have painstakingly gathered as much useful information about the best keyboards out there that we can. We broke them down for you based on price and performance.

We also tried to find the best ones that would suit any budget. So regardless of what you can afford, you’ll be getting a keyboard that will serve you well in any given Fortnite situation.

Best Overall

Corsair K70 Rapidfire

Corsair K70 Rapidfire

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Best Budget

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

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Best Value

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

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Corsair K70 Rapidfire

Corsair K70 Rapidfire

Best Overall

“It’s is the fastest model from Corsair, and even gaming pros can attest to its responsiveness.”

Corsair has been a highly respected brand, especially by gamers for a while now, and you can already tell they won’t disappoint with the k70 Rapidfire.

You can’t go wrong with its 100% anti-ghosting, full key rollover, and Cherry MX Speed switches. It’s is the fastest model from Corsair, and even gaming pros can attest to its responsiveness. It’s guaranteed to register every keypress without failing, no matter how fast your inputs are.

It’s soft to the touch requiring only 45 cN actuation force at the 1.2 mm key travel. The Cherry MX Speed switches ensure 40% faster responsiveness than the more common MX Reds.

The chassis is made of what Corsair describes as aircraft-grade brushed aluminum to ensure as little flex as possible yet is light and sturdy. It is anodized for excellent corrosion resistance and gives it a natural metallic sheen. Overall it looks like a high-end medium-sized keyboard with quality materials and an elegant design.

There is the Corsair Utility Engine or CUE, which you have to download as the keyboard itself doesn’t have presets you can toggle. The software application lets you program the macros, and fully control the RGB backlighting for dramatic effects. We must admit, though, that the sheer amount of customizability can be overwhelming sometimes, especially with the lighting options.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but be prepared to spend hours to get a lighting scheme that satisfies you. However, it takes customization to the extreme with virtually endless possibilities with colors, patterns, and animations. You’ll spend a good deal of time just fooling around with that dynamic lighting system, or you could go to this keyboard’s forum and download other user-made preset profiles that you may like.

Above the number pad are seven programmable media keys. There’s also a convenient USB pass-through port for additional controllers and devices. A detachable wrist rest allows for more comfort during many hours of use. The WASD keys and the Spacebar are textured, and the alphanumeric fonts are large and very easy to read. If you don’t want to use the textured keycaps, it also comes with the regular ones, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

If you intend to use this keyboard for other things like typing documents, be warned that it can be a little bit touchy. It just takes a little bit of getting used to, but it can handle any job you throw at it. If strictly for gaming use, especially with Fortnite, then this is precisely the right kind to do the job.

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Corsair Rapidfire K65 RGB

Corsair Rapidfire K65 RGB

Best Smaller Keyboard

“Many gamers would prefer this keyboard since it’s smaller. It also has all the features of the K70, including the wrist rest.”

It’s the tenkeyless sibling of the Rapidfire K70 minus the number pad, but about 30% cheaper. Many gamers would prefer this keyboard since it’s smaller. It also has all the features of the K70, including the wrist rest.

It has the same Cherry MX Speed key switches, which is essential to have that distinct pleasant feel, responsiveness, and durability that Cherry is known for. All the build quality is there, as well as the anti-ghosting and full NKRO capability.

It is fundamentally a K70 with the number pad chopped off, and if you’re okay with that or even prefer the fewer 87 keys over a full 104-key K70, then the K65 is a no brainer choice when comparing the price. You can also rest assured that you’re not getting an inferior version. It would be a better and cheaper option for you.

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Logitech G Pro X

Logitech G Pro X

Best for Students

“The features, compact size, and relatively affordable price make this one easy to recommend.”

That “X” is significant when comparing it with the mere G Pro. The main difference between the two is the G Pro X’s hot-swappable GX switches from Logitech and Kailh. Logitech’s GX line of switches is essentially a rebrand of some switches Kailh line. They are virtually clones of the Cherry MX line, which are the most widely used key switches.

The GX switches replace those terrible and mushy Romer G switches that are hard soldered onto the PCB. So you’re not just buying it for the ability to swap them, but for the better quality of feel. They come in the choice of clicky red, tactile brown, or linear red switches patterned after the Cherry MX line color coding. It’s your choice to get the type you like, but most gamers prefer the red linear type for the smoothest, quietest, and the quickest keypress.

Should any key switch die on you, which is highly unlikely, or if any of the keys don’t feel right or starts acting up, then you have the benefit of replacing it with ease. You won’t ever get stuck with faulty keys, which may prompt you to buy a new keyboard. And because the switches, as well as the keycaps, are removable, the keyboard can be cleaned more thoroughly. There are no dedicated macro or media keys, however.

It comes with a dual-function keycap and key switch puller that’s easy to use. It only takes less than 30 seconds to replace a key, but remember that there are 87 keys. It will take a lot of patience if you’re planning to take them all off when you’re cleaning the keyboard or replacing them with a switch type that you prefer. The key switches and caps snap firmly back into place, ensuring they won’t drop off even in transit. The braided 1.98m cable at the back is also detachable and is connected securely with prongs to a micro USB port.

Logitech’s software utility is called G HUB that recognizes your keyboard model automatically. It uses a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With it, you can download presets or create them yourself with G LIGHTSYNC, with 16.8 million RGB colors that you can customize and animate to your heart’s content.

You can create many profiles that contain different lighting schemes and customized key bindings, and switch between them on the fly. You can even assign a profile for every game installed in your PC and go as far as to have light settings for in-game inputs. There’s so much flexibility allowed. It’s integrated with their mouse, headset, webcam, and speaker product lines for added convenience.

The features, compact size, and relatively affordable price make this one easy to recommend.

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HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Best Budget

“It is on the lower end of the spectrum but doesn’t compromise on performance and build quality.”

It is another compact tenkeyless keyboard, but this time from Kingston with an exposed steel top frame design. The base of the chassis is made of sturdy ABS plastic but also reinforced with steel inside. You can have a choice of genuine Cherry MX clicky Blue, tactile Brown, or linear Red.

There’s what they call a HyperX backlit that adds dynamic backlighting effects and six brightness levels, but only comes in the color red. So this is a no-frills 87-key gaming keyboard that’s compact and has a solid build and minimalist aesthetics. The braided cable attaches to a USB 2.0 port at the rear, but it lacks a pass-through USB port. Also, keep in mind that this has no programmable macro and no utility software. Since it’s driverless, you just plug it in and use it.

They didn’t go all out on the bells and whistles but concentrated more on practicality and simplicity to keep the price down. That’s great if you’re on a tight budget. It is on the lower end of the spectrum but doesn’t compromise on performance and build quality. If you can do without all RGB flashiness that comes with other gaming keyboards, then this would be a perfect choice for you.

The lack of features aside, you still can’t go wrong picking this one up for its affordable value. It has anti-ghosting and full KRO for full responsiveness and input accuracy. The Cherry MX is a proven line of switches so performance-wise, this would meet any Fortnite pro’s high standards, and that’s enough reason to buy.

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HyperX Alloy FPS RGB

Best Budget #2

“Quality-wise, it has a very long lifespan, so there’s no problem there.”

If you want something with more pizzazz than the Alloy FPS Pro, then you might want to try the full 104-key RGB version from Kingston.

Instead of the Cherry MXs, however, the Alloy FPS RGB comes with Kailh Silver Speed mechanical key switches. Kailh is also a respected key switch brand in gaming circles. The keypress actuation point only measures 1.1mm and only need a soft 40 nM touch to register. It is supposed to be faster and softer than the Cherry MX reds used by the Alloy FPS Pro. And it also has a 70 million keystroke durability rating.

While they’re cheaper than the Cherry MXs, many would argue that they’re not as good as the top-of-the-line Cherry MX Speed that the Kailh is trying to emulate here. Kailh Silver Speed does feel just a tad stiffer than the MX reds. Still, they’re good, and it’s a matter of personal taste with regards to tactile feel, so your best bet would be to try it out at the store and compare it to a Cherry MX keyboard with similar switch specs just to be sure. But quality-wise, it has a very long lifespan, so there’s no problem there. It does help keep the price under US$100.

It has basically the same build as the Pro, with a solid steel top plate, and a plastic base that also has steel inside. The braided cable is detachable with a USB pass-through that you can use for recharging your smartphone but isn’t useable for data. That’s somewhat disappointing because you can’t plug in another controller or a mouse. It has anti-ghosting and full NKRO so that it can handle any amount of input accurately.

And with full RGB backlighting, this makes the Alloy FPS RGB even more attractive at that price point. Their HyperX NGenuity software will help you set up your lighting scheme just as soon as you have it updated to the latest version. There are also profiles ready for several games you can try out that are pretty but also very basic. The lighting is eye-catching and very vibrant, though. Aside from that, the utility also allows you to program the macro keys.

It’s not a standout, but if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard with RGB and macro keys, this is still a great bargain.

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Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite

Best High-end

“With its patented hybrid optical and mechanical switches, it has the fastest actuation method of any key switch for registering a keypress by completing an infrared signal under a key.”

Razer has always had a reputation for high-end gaming solutions, and they don’t break with tradition by offering the Huntsman Elite. It certainly looks the part. The top plate is of matte aluminum.

With its patented hybrid optical and mechanical switches, it has the fastest actuation method of any key switch for registering a keypress by completing an infrared signal under a key. The only thing that slows the purple clicky switch down a tad is the 1.5mm actuation point that’s longer than the 1.1-1.2mm seen in some gaming keyboards.

That means before that light signal can be triggered, the keystroke has to travel 0.3mm longer than the others. That may not sound that much, but it adds up after a while. Still, we found the tactile feel and click very pleasant and responsive, although not all would appreciate the sound.

However, there’s also a red linear switch option that has a 1.0mm actuation point, only needing a softer 40g of force. On paper, that’s the fastest switch featured on this list, and it would be the better option for Fortnite. The purple type is no slouch, though, and can be great for typing as well. It’s good to have that option in case you need it.

Each switch has a stabilizer bar at the top that prevents the keycap from tilting like in other keyboards. It allows a consistent and even keystroke motion every time you press a key. And because there are no metal contacts that bend, the key switch is rated to handle up to 100 million keystrokes in its lifetime, which is phenomenal. The 10KRO should be sufficient for any amount of inputs from any applications like Fortnite.

So while it would be a perfect keyboard for Fortnite, it’s also an excellent keyboard for touch typists. It also has the most fantastic foam and leatherette wrist rest that’s so comfortable to use. An LED ring around it and the sides of the frame highlights the keyboard with a beautiful glow on the tabletop. There are also three media keys above the number pad and a multifunction dial that changes the function of those keys.

Its Synapse 3 firmware handles RGB lighting, key bindings, and macro keys programming. It looks sleek, and it does the job meant for it, but it could use fewer layers of UI. There’s the capability to link lighting effects to games and system performance. There are also several readymade profiles for the most popular games that you can choose from.

Be aware that there’s a cheaper Razor Huntsman (not Elite) with some compromises in features that you can also consider if you want similar quality at a more affordable price. With its durability rating, which you can only verify after a decade of use, its sleek ergonomic design, plus its superb key switches, it gets a very high recommendation from us, despite its near US$200 price tag.

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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Best Value

“Its anodized aircraft-grade brushed-aluminum frame welcomes you with its sturdy but elegant look.”

The K95 RGB is a complete package. It’s a full-sized mechanical keyboard with all the trimmings an advanced gamer would want.

You can have a choice of Cherry MX RGB Speed, which is a linear switch with a 1.2mm actuation point needing only 45 cN of force. Or, go with a tactile but soft (55 cN) MX RGB Brown switch. For pure Fortnite gaming performance, you’d have to go with the MX RGB Speed. If you need your keyboard for anything else, choose the MX RGB Brown with a tactile bump. Either way, you will have a great gaming keyboard in your hands. Anti-ghosting and full NKRO ensure that no keypress is missed even from your quick simultaneous inputs.

Its anodized aircraft-grade brushed-aluminum frame welcomes you with its sturdy but elegant look. It is available in two colors, black or gunmetal. Dedicated media controls let you adjust the volume on the fly independent of currently running applications like games.

There’s also a column of six textured macro G Keys on the left that you can program while in a game. It also has 8 MB of memory that can store up to 3 profiles allowing for a quick setup wherever you take your keyboard.

The Corsair Utility Engine or CUE lets you set up the lighting with many templates that do all sorts of complex effects such as waves going sideways or raining down the keyboard, to simple ones like pulsing or changing colors. We must admit that we felt the steep learning curve could be a daunting prospect for beginners to try. Yes, it can be mind-boggling sometimes. But there are a lot of fantastic templates out there created by experienced users that you can download and will give you a better idea of what’s possible.

A detachable wrist rest also made of the same anodized aluminum is included if you need it. The dual-sided magnetic rubber pad that attaches to the top allows either a smooth or textured surface and will provide ample support and comfort to your hands. There are also cable-routing grooves at the bottom where you can tuck in cables of other devices like headsets or controllers. A USB 2.0 pass-through port is available, but these manufacturers should’ve updated that by now.

There’s an RGB light strip across the back edge that has 19 segments and truly helps give the keyboard a more elegant and sophisticated look without screaming “gaming keyboard.” The Corsair logo at the top center frame also changes color. It’s quite honestly a very nice looking keyboard.

With full features, it adds more value for your money than the more expensive ones. When prices sometimes drop as low as US$130 online, not grabbing a deal like that would be such a waste of an excellent opportunity.

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Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

Most Durable

“The iodized brushed-aluminum plate serves as the structural foundation that makes the whole keyboard resistant to daily abuse.”

The Vulcan 120 Aimo is one of the most stylishly elegant mechanical keyboards that we have seen. German manufacturer Roccat has been making quality keyboards for a while, and it sure didn’t miss a beat making the Vulcan 120 Aimo stand out. On their site, they claim this to be “the best keyboard” they ever built, and it shows.

The iodized brushed-aluminum plate serves as the structural foundation that makes the whole keyboard resistant to daily abuse. You can tell at first glance that it was designed to last. Its design is understated yet very attractive to the eyes. The slim detachable wrist rest also compliments the overall sleek design of the frame except that it’s made of plastic and isn’t as comfortable compared to others of its kind.

There are three keys above the number pad and a mixer knob on the right. If you press the middle effects key, you’ll cycle through the different built-in lighting effects by turning the knob. The key on the right is a volume toggle where you can use the knob to adjust the sounds. The key on the left is a mute button.

It seems slimmer than other keyboards because of the tapered bottom sides, but what completes the look are the flat keycaps that only cover the top and leave the key switches exposed under them. It results in a striking look, like that of a skeleton watch where you see the mechanisms that make it tick. And when it’s lit, more of the RGB lighting can be seen so that instead of backlighting, it looks more like the keys themselves are the light sources.

The Vulcan 120 uses the Swarm software suite to remap keys. The AIMO in the name is for an automatic lighting engine that reacts to user inputs and eliminates the need for lighting configuration. They say it evolves around your usage and is a more organic way of responding to your inputs.

It’s the first to implement Roccat’s new Titan switches. The actuation point is a short 1.8mm and is more than quick and responsive enough to handle the inputs for controlling your Fortnite avatar. Yet it has tactile feedback that touch typists can appreciate. It’s equivalent to the Cherry MX Brown, but it actuates faster. And with anti-ghosting and full NKRO, it can deal with any number of simultaneous inputs with no problem.

The Titan switches strike the right balance of speed and responsiveness between games and other applications as well. As a plus from the lighter keycaps, they are quick to return to their resting position, so their design serves a functional purpose and is not just for show.

What we’ve got is a handy keyboard not restricted to handling games like Fornite, but is also well suited to other tasks. With the sturdy build, striking good looks, and adaptive RGB backlighting, it gets our wholehearted approval.

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SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Most Badass

“Looking sleek and robust with its aircraft-grade aluminum frame and striking RGB backlighting, it’s bound to turn some heads.”

People trust SteelSeries for their build quality, and at first glance, the Apex Pro appears like it won’t disappoint. Looking sleek and robust with its aircraft-grade aluminum frame and striking RGB backlighting, it’s bound to turn some heads.

It has a range of features that would impress the most demanding gamers, not the least of which is an OLED Smart Display that shows relevant information directly from applications and games.

The thing that sets it apart is the groundbreaking new design of their OmniPoint key switches. With these switches, you can adjust the actuation point to suit your needs. In games, for example, you could increase the sensitivity of keys that are used the most, like the WASD, for instance. Or you could set the sensitivity lower just enough to match your touch typing speed. You can set the actuation point as shallow as 0.4mm to as deep as 3.6mm before it’s registered.

That way, you won’t have to mess around with different types of switches or compromise on responsiveness if you’re keyboard isn’t dedicated to Fortnite use only. It becomes practical to use in other applications as well, and not just gaming. The 0.4mm minimum distance is crazy and should be many times faster than the average actuation point in mechanical keyboards. A keyboard that’s too sensitive would almost be impossible to use in touch typing without committing too many typos.

If you can adjust the sensitivity, then you can use the keyboard for anything. SteelSeries’ solution is not to change the key-travel distance, but keep it constant. Instead, they enable you to move the actuation points. That’s why they called it OmniPoints (translated as “many points”).

With the use of magnets, it can accurately measure the exact distance a keystroke travels, and through software, you can adjust the sensitivity that a keystroke gets registered. So if you set the sensitivity high, keystrokes register faster no matter how deep you push the key down. On the other hand, if you set the sensitivity low, keystrokes would register slower.

Their design has a positive side-effect of eliminating the need for metal contact points that wear down eventually. So the life of an OmniPoint switch is effectively doubled to 100 million keystrokes as a result. It allows you to set profiles for different applications that before needed different kinds of switches. Not anymore.

For adjusting the RGB backlighting effects and programming macro keys, there’s the Engine 3 firmware, and it’s excellent and very straightforward to use. They also come with a bunch of impressive and delightful presets that you can use out of the box.

You can also adjust the actuation point of your key switches from here with sliders ranging from 1-10, with “1” being the most sensitive. It’s effortless to do, and you’ll quickly feel the results of your changes when you start typing and start playing games. The difference is quite startling.

With the kind of versatility and durability it gives, you would be hard-pressed to find a more useful mechanical keyboard anywhere. It is suitable for any keyboard task, whether it be helping you dominate in Fortnite, or typing a dissertation. No keyboards from other manufacturers can do that.

If you can afford the price, which we think is very reasonable considering its capabilities, then it’s the one we recommend the most.

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The Fortnite phenomenon

Who would’ve thought that this game would become the cultural phenomenon it’s known today. Fortnite is played by over 100 million people every year since it burst into the online gaming scene less than three years ago, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The original game Fortnite: Save the World isn’t even out of early access yet! If anyone still remembers that.

The thing that got this runaway snowball rolling is Battle Royale. That’s where all the action is happening right now. It has earned Epic Games gazillions of money. There’s even a World Cup where they’ve made millionaires out of teenage champs. Fortnite celebs like Ninja have made a killing just streaming his gameplay, and millions tune in just to watch him play.

And now here you are, looking for a keyboard that you hope would serve you best in your forays into the Fortnite universe.

Why are mechanical keyboards better for Fortnite?

There are many advantages that mechanical keyboards have over membrane keyboards, most of which are crucial if you want to continue winning in Fortnite matches.


The most serious consideration in buying a mechanical keyboard over a membrane keyboard is the speed that the key switch registers a keystroke (actuation).

Membrane keyboards have this simple top membrane layer with dome switches laid out on the surface corresponding to each key. Think of it as one big soft touchpad with more than 100 keys. When pressing a key, you push the soft silicone or rubber dome shape all the way down for the conductive trace under it to come in contact with the circuit on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) at the bottom.

Once the circuit for that key closes, the electronic signal can reach the keyboard’s controller chip telling it the exact alphanumeric character or function that was selected by the user.

Mechanical keyboards, however, use a dedicated and self-contained key switch for each key. With a key switch, a keystroke needs only to travel halfway for the metal contacts to meet and complete the circuit on the PCB. You don’t have to bottom out the keypress for it to register on the controller. It makes a key switch faster and more pleasant to use than a regular dome switch.

Another critical thing to know is the distance the keystroke has to travel to reach the actuation point. The shorter the length, the faster the circuit is closed. Depending on the mechanical key switch that you choose, you can actually get the distance that suits you. For Fortnite, the stem in the fastest switches would only have to travel a distance of 1.1-1.2mm for the keystroke to register.

This speed advantage adds up when you play, especially during intense moments in Fortnite, demanding a keyboard that’s responsive to fast player inputs. That’s why mechanical keyboards are the most sought-after type by Fortnite pros. They know that playing Fortnite with this keyboard could spell the difference between life and death.

Anti-ghosting and NKRO

Anti-ghosting prevents a key that wasn’t pressed by you from being registered as a keystroke. That happens a lot with older keyboards because of hardware limitations. The precise and faster mechanisms of key switches prevent this from happening.

Because mechanical keyboards lend themselves better to anti-ghosting, they make it possible to have a higher NKRO or N-Key Rollover rating. The “N” in NKRO stands for the number of keys that you can press simultaneously that the keyboard can register without any ghosting. The higher the number, the more your keyboard can handle multiple inputs without missing a beat.

If it has a rating of 6KRO, that means it allows up to six keypresses at any one time. Some mechanical keyboards even have full NKRO, which means no matter how fast your keystrokes are, you can be confident that your mechanical keyboard can handle it.

Durability and Reliability

Each key switch on a mechanical keyboard was designed to withstand up to 50-80 million key presses before it gives up. Manufacturers guarantee them to outlive any membrane dome switches up to ten times more. The membrane layer of a regular keyboard usually consists of silicone or rubber, which are soft materials that begin to degrade the moment you start using them.

That’s in stark contrast with key switches that can maintain their original performance much longer, aside from outlasting their cheaper counterparts. That’s an important point to consider because it means they can be reliable for a long time, unlike the performance of silicone or rubber membranes, which goes downhill sooner.

Customizable feel and looks

Aside from their more robust and responsive characteristics, mechanical key switches don’t feel mushy like a membrane dome switch. They’re more comfortable to the touch, which makes them ideal to use in long Fortnite sessions.

Better yet, there are different types of key switches offering varied tactile feedback that you can tailor to your preferences. Also, instead of a soft dome shape to simulate a spring, a mechanical key switch uses an actual coil spring to push the key back up to its resting position. The actuation force needed to push them down can also vary depending on the type of switch that you pick. The spring used would depend on how stiff or soft you want a keypress to be.

Not only can you customize your key switches, but their design also allows for the convenient removal of each keycap. It makes it easier to customize the look of the keys and makes areas that were once harder to reach inside more accessible for thorough cleaning.

Another thing that makes them highly customizable is RGB backlighting. Not only can you set the color of light for individual keys, but you can also set up different effects and animations across the keyboard that are in sync with various events.

It’s terrific because there are a lot of choices available that offer you the freedom to get the exact keyboard feel and look that you want.

Types of mechanical Key switches

For you to be able to appreciate mechanical key switches fully, let’s get into the different variations and break down the benefits of each particular type.

Key switches from German manufacturer Cherry are the most widely used on mechanical keyboards today. They have a complete line of switches that cater to different individual tastes among the three main types. As a reference, we will describe each model to show how different they perform. Just remember that the color of the stem is the basis of the color code of a key switch.

Clicky switches

These switches give out a distinct “click” sound and tactile bump feedback to let the user know that the keypress registered fully with the controller chip. They are perfect for touch typists, although some people might not like the clicky sound they make. However, some people love the sound that they give.

Be mindful not to annoy anyone where you’re going to use them because they can be very noisy. Cherry MX Blue switches have been banned from some workplaces because they’re notorious for this. The “cN” in actuation force stands for centinewtons, which is a measure of the force it takes to push a key down. That means the lower the cN, the softer the keypress feels.

Cherry Model Actuation Point Bottom Actuation Force
MX Blue 2.2 mm 4.0 mm 60 cN
MX Green 2.2 mm 4.0 mm 80 cN

Tactile switches

Except for the lack of the clicky sound, these switches are virtually similar to clicky switches. They still have that tactile bump when you press a key.

Cherry Model Actuation Point Bottom Actuation Force
MX Brown 2.0 mm 4.0 mm 55 cN
MX Grey 2.0 mm 4.0 mm 60 cN
MX Clear 2.0 mm 4.0 mm 65 cN

Linear switches

Linear switches are the preferred choice of gamers because they’re the fastest type. They don’t have that clicky sound as well as the tactile bump of the two other varieties. It’s just a smooth up and down key travel without having to press past that tactile bump.

Cherry Model Actuation Point Bottom Actuation Force
MX Silent Red 1.9 mm 3.7 mm 45 cN
MX Red 2.0 mm 4.0 mm 45 cN
MX Silent Black 1.9 mm 3.7 mm 60 cN
MX Black 2.0 mm 4.0 mm 60 cN
MX Speed Silver 1.2 mm 3.4 mm 45 cN
MX Low Profile Red 1.2 mm 3.2 mm 45 cN
MX Low Profile Speed 1.0 mm 3.2 mm 45 cN

A couple of things you may have noticed about these switches is that aside from the difference in tactile feel and noise, you’ll also have to pay attention to the actuation force and key travel distance (actuation point) before a key registers. The lighter the force needed, the softer the keypress feels. The shorter the key travel in millimeters, the faster the keypress will be.

Another thing to note is that Cherry also has a special low profile, linear models. From the charts, the key that would be fastest is the linear type is Cherry MX Low Profile Speed. They also have RGB backlit versions of all the keys.

Other noteworthy types of switches

Two other types of mechanical key switches are new and have design concepts that are more advanced, efficient, and durable than the current designs in widespread use today. Both of these types are featured in two products that are included on our list.

Razer Optical Switch

Developed by Razer, this switch relies on an infrared light beam that’s blocked when the key is in its resting position. The beam reaches a receiver when you press the key, and actuation is instantaneous. There are no metal contact points that bend as you see in popular key switches, and this makes the Razer switch twice as durable.

OmniPoint Key switch

It is a revolutionary design introduced by SteelSeries, where a key switch relies on a magnet to measure the distance traveled by a keystroke. The actuation point is adjustable through the Engine 3 software utility. The actuation can be registered as fast as possible if set to the minimum 0.4mm distance, or as slow as possible if set to the maximum 3.6mm distance.

It gives an OmniPoint switch the versatility to perform tasks requiring different response times. They can be adjusted to be quicker for games or slowed down a bit for typing tasks. It eliminates the need to pick different types of switches for various tasks.

Tenkeyless Keyboards

A tenkeyless or TKL keyboard doesn’t have a number pad, which makes them significantly shorter or narrower than a full-sized keyboard.

For gaming, the significant benefit it brings is you can move the mouse closer to the keyboard because of the freed up space without the number pad. The closer proximity of the mouse makes it more comfortable and convenient for you to reach and use it. You don’t have to move your right arm further to the side. It makes for a more comfortable and ergonomic, and more centered position. It helps ease the tension on your right shoulder and arm a bit.

Another benefit is that it makes the keyboard lighter. And because of the smaller size, it is a lot more portable, in case you have to take them somewhere else.

So unless you’re someone who thinks that number pad is indispensable and needs it for other applications, then a tenkeyless form factor might be a better option for you.

The Best Keyboards for Fortnite

By this time, you should’ve forgotten about membrane keyboards already. If you haven’t and are still unconvinced, then have fun being cannon fodder online. If we have persuaded you to go with a mechanical keyboard but want to know which one to get, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We searched high and low and found the best ones that fit different budgets. Even the most affordable one has the necessary specs that no Fortnite player can do without. Some of them have additional features that you may want but cost extra. But you can rest assured that all the keyboards here are more than capable of doing the job.


Most of the knowledgeable players that you’ll encounter online also use these keyboards to their advantage. It’s the computer peripheral that you will use and abuse the most playing Fortnite or any other popular online game for that matter. Why would you settle for anything else if you’re serious about winning?

If you want to have more customizability, RGB, and macro capability, then you’ll have to pay a premium. If you go for a bare-bones, no-frills option, then you can get one that doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets. And there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as it has quality switches, you won’t have any regrets with regard to durability and performance.

You owe it to yourself to buy only the best mechanical keyboard that your budget allows. Sure, the extra amount you’ll pay over a membrane keyboard is higher, but It’s one purchase that’s guaranteed to enhance your Fortnite experience, so do yourself a big favor and get one.

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