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Best Gaming Earbuds – 2021

Written by September 3, 2020

The best part about top games is the immersive experience you get from the extraordinary sound engineering. Buying the best gaming earbuds will take your gameplay to a whole new level.

The Gaming earbuds should not just block outside noise. Instead, they should also give clear and crisp sounds. To enjoy these features, you need high-end earbuds made explicitly for gaming.

Gaming earphones are the solution to the chatty friends or the neighbors who disturb your gameplay with their loud music. Use your earbuds to block out such noises, and you will concentrate on your gaming completely.

The guide will show you how to get the best gaming earbud by analyzing key factors you need to consider when choosing among different products, factors to avoid, and 12 hand-picked gaming earbuds.

Best Budget

Betron DC 950

Betron DC 950

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Great Style

Symphonized NRG 3.0

Symphonized NRG 3.0

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Best Overall

Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose QuietComfort 20

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12 Gaming Earbuds you should definitely consider

You have been with me through the factors to consider and those to avoid. Let’s look at 12 gaming earbuds that meet the criteria.

I have the list in 4 categories:

  1. Cheap Earbuds
  2. Mid-range Earbuds
  3. Expensive Earbuds
  4. Top Immersive Earbuds

Cheap Gaming Earbuds

Betron DC 950

Betron DC 950

Best Budget

“Betron DC 950 offers you useful gaming features when you are looking for affordable earbuds.”

Excellent audio for the price.

The PC adapter is not included.

Great bass.

The microphone may not be great for gaming. It also lacks the mute function.

They come with different sizes of ear tips: Small, medium, and large.

Durable metal case.


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Betron DC 950 offers you useful gaming features when you are looking for affordable earbuds. They go for around $10. For this price, you find tools that are not available in other earbuds that go for the same price. For example, they have an in-ear noise isolation.

You also get three different sized ear tips in the package. The sleek casing is not only appealing, but it also safeguards your earbuds.

GranVela G20

GranVela G20

Good Budget

“You will get useful game-related tools for the price since they are made with a gamer’s efficiency in mind.”

Good audio quality.

Betron DC has bigger drivers.

They have heavy bass and a wide frequency range.

Some parts are low-quality.

Ear tips come in small, medium, and large sizes.

It has no mute feature in the mic.

They have foam ear tips for protection.

They have an adapter.

You get three colors: Blue, green, and red.

One year warranty.

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You will get Granvela G20 for about $15. You will get useful game-related tools for the price since they are made with a gamer’s efficiency in mind.

They have small speakers. You will, however, get a more significant frequency range.

CIMAHZEN E-Sports Earbuds

CIMAHZEN E-Sports Earbuds

Best for FPS and RPG Games

“These earbuds offer good gameplay for FPS and RPG games.”

Dual microphone; modifiable and in-line.

They have a smaller frequency range.

It comes with a PC adapter.

They have a lower audio quality than Betron.

They have small, medium, and large sizes of ear tips.

The inner loop clasps become uncomfortable after a while.

They have silicone ear tips for sweat absorption.

Compatibility with gaming consoles.

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These earbuds offer good gameplay for FPS and RPG games.

Mid-Range Gaming Earbuds

Here, I have listed earbuds that go for average prices.

Razer Hammerhead Pro

Razer Hammerhead Pro

Best Style

“You get earbuds that are made for gaming. Razer Hammerhead offers terrific sound. The stylish look is a bonus.”

Excellent earphones casing. This enhances clarity.

It has an in-line microphone only.

They come in flat cables to reduce intertwining.

You will not get different sizes of ear tips like in other models.

In-line microphone.

Stylish package.

It has excellent bass.

It comes with a PC adapter.

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You get earbuds that are made for gaming. Razer Hammerhead offers terrific sound. The stylish look is a bonus. They have 10 mm speakers, which are smaller than other earbuds in this category.

GranVela VJJB V1BS

GranVela VJJB V1BS

Great Noise Cancellation

“You also get the noise-isolating features from the in-ear design.”

They have four speakers, two on each side.

You won’t get a PC adapter.

They have a more extensive range of frequencies.

The microphone is not dual, like in CIMAHZEN E-Sports models.

You also get more robust parts than the cheaper options.

You get small, medium, and large sizes.

Stylish appearance.

Better sound isolation design.

One year warranty.

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You may not have heard of the brand, but they have decent earbuds. Razer is more famous.

The drivers will offer you a frequency range of 20-24 kHz. You also get the noise-isolating features from the in-ear design.

Symphonized NRG 3.0

Symphonized NRG 3.0

Great Style

“If a woody appearance attracts you, you’ve got a good pair here.”

You will get six extra pairs in the package.

They do not include a PC adapter.

Excellent noise isolation models.

They have no mute feature on the microphone.

Robust in-line microphone.

The casing is designed from actual wood.

You can get different parts in different colors.

The makers say the wooden design gives ‘earth-like’ audio. They may have a point if you consider guitars, violins, concert halls, et cetera.

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You are assured of getting a deep bass and quality sounds at any volume. The makers say the wood casing is not only there for beauty but also for quality audio. If a woody appearance attracts you, you’ve got a good pair here.

High-End Gaming Earbuds

When it comes to expensive earbuds, the size of the drivers matters less. You will find different technologies used by manufacturers to influence the sound clarity. For example, they may have different housing designs or adjustable speakers.

If you find a pair that pleases, you make sure you check it first.

IMORE Triple Driver In-ear

IMORE Triple Driver In-ear

Best for Music

” You get to listen to the high range sounds due to the tweeters. The speakers are there for the bass.”

Amazing audio quality.

PC adapter is not included.

The earbuds are designed for a perfect fit.

You do not have the microphone mute feature.

Small but flawless in-line microphone.

You will get nine pairs of earbuds on buying.

They have Kevlar-covered cables.

Strong and stylish casing.

They have an adapter for airplanes.

High-frequency range.

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IMORE Triple Driver is great if you are looking for high-end earphones. As the name suggests, you get the three drivers on each side: two tweeters and one speaker. You get to listen to the high range sounds due to the tweeters. The speakers are there for the bass.

Isn’t that like owning a small car stereo?

The earbuds offer a big frequency range of 20-40,000 Hz. They are also the first to have THX certification, a company that specialized in sound engineering and quality across all theatre production.

Seinheisser PC300 G4ME Earbuds

Good Overall

“They also have great audio and noise cancellation features.”

They have excellent speakers, tuning, and design.

They are coy on some details.

High-end multidirectional mic.

If you like the color variety, they have only one color.

Stylish pouch.

I have heard complaints about cable durability.

You get extra silicone covered ear tips — three additional pairs.

They cost more, perhaps due to the famous trademark.

Light and portable.

24 months warranty.

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Seinheisser is an established brand in earbuds manufacturing. They rarely fail to amaze. The PC300 earbuds have a frequency range of 20-18,000 Hz. This falls squarely on what your ears can perceive. They also have great audio and noise cancellation features.

What you will not like is that they did not give the specifications about the drivers and other parts.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2

Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2

Best for Bass

“You will also get a kick from the bass produced by the fitted transducers.”

It has a micro-porous filter for remarkable audio.

In-line controls sometimes fail with Android devices.

They have HD speakers.

The microphone is not as excellent as the other features.

Trendy but tough pouch.

You won’t get a PC adapter with it.

Foamed in-ear loop to accommodate sweating.

Excellent bass.

Ear tips come in several sizes.

Stylish looks.

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This is the epitome of gaming earbuds. You only have to look at their superb 9.2 mm drivers in each speaker. You will also get a kick from the bass produced by the fitted transducers. You can also game for hours with Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series.

Top Immersive Playing Earbuds

Gaming needs concentration and less distraction from external noise. The following earbuds will give you the best noise cancellation features.

TaoTronic Noise Canceling

TaoTronic Noise Canceling

Great Noise Cancellation

“The TaoTronic model will provide you with remarkable noise cancellation features.”

Get up to 15 hours of sound-canceling gameplay.

It does not come with an adapter.

Clear microphone with MEMS technology.

Stylish and sturdy aluminum casing.

USB charger.

You get six pairs of ear tips in different sizes.

It has a beautiful modern look.

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The TaoTronic model will provide you with remarkable noise cancellation features. You also get a frequency that ranges from 20-20,000 Hz. This will be music to your ears. You also get a battery that lasts for around 15 hours. You can cancel up to 25 decibels of noise.

Etymotic Research MC3

Etymotic Research MC3

Best Noise Cancellation

“This is among the best noise cancellation models in the market.”

Ear cancellation features that cancel between 35-42 decibels.

They do not have a PC adapter.

You get several earpieces when you buy them.

The cable does not last very long.

They have an in-line microphone and with fine volume adjustment.

Their Etymotic technology offers excellent sounds.

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With this model, you will able to cancel up to about 42 decibels of noise. This is among the best noise cancellation models in the market. You also get quality audio through the fantastic 8 mm drivers. An extra feature is a filter that enhances the protection of the earbuds.

However, you will find a mixed review of Etymotic MC3 mics.

Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose QuietComfort 20

Best Overall

“They have modern noise cancellation features to allow games total concentration.”

They have a battery that lasts 16 hours. That is relatively longer than any in the guide.

The warranty of a year is short when you consider the price.

Effective noise cancellation tools.

The price seems high because of the popularity of the Bose brand.

Adjustable controls to reduce noise. The ‘Active Aware’ button enables you to still listen to the surrounding.

Comfortable design.

Sensitive microphone.

Excellent audio clarity.

Aesthetically pleasing.

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I saved the most expensive one in this list for last. For Bose QuietComfort 20 earbuds, you will have to part with $250. If you can afford them, you will definitely get great value. They have modern noise cancellation features to allow games total concentration.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Earbuds

This part is all about learning the factors that will help you choose the best gaming earbuds. So, if you are looking for the best in the market, the exclusive factors below are a must-read.

Price, brand, and beauty are usually the first things most people consider, but these three features alone dont always offer the best results. If you do an online search about gaming earbuds, you get hundreds of results, and this can be confusing.

First, how do you select a pair from such a wide range of choices?

Even more confusing, which features show high quality.

This list has got you covered.

Should you buy wireless or wired?

Wireless earphones were the craze when they were first released because people thought they would replace wired ones completely. We soon found out wired earbuds are here to stay, at least for several years. It turns out they have advantages that wireless ones cannot match.

Wired earphones give you a better playing experience because you do not have to charge them. You also do not sit too far from your PC as you would with a console.

Unless you intend to get a console, there is no solid reason to go wireless with a PC or cell phone.

Every gamer loves an immersive gaming experience where you play without interruptions. If you buy cheaper wireless earphones, they are a gamer’s nightmare with their short battery life. Have I mentioned the unclear sound?

A good pair should take about an hour to charge, and you should be able to get about 7-8 hours of game time from this single charge. High-end wireless earbuds, on the other hand, can keep their battery for about 15-16 hours, which is enough time for a player.

When you get high quality wired earbuds, they will also be cheaper because wireless ones use more advanced technology.

You have experienced that moment when your earbuds entangle themselves in knots that are out of this world. That is the downside of wired earphones, and untying them can be a headache. The cable can also be inflexible in certain brands making your gaming uncomfortable.

Wireless gaming earbuds either use Bluetooth technology or the 2.4 GHz radio transmission signals. Let’s have a look at each.

Bluetooth wireless earphones are cheaper, and you can connect them with any device that has Bluetooth connection. You will find them handy, especially when connecting to several devices.

What you won’t like about Bluetooth earbuds is the low-quality sound, especially with older versions. They also have a short connection range.

The gaming earbuds that use radio technology are better because they have a more extended connection range than Bluetooth ones. You also experience superior sound quality.

However, for these types of earbuds to work, the gaming device must have a USB port to input the dongle.

Do the Gaming Earbuds Support aptX Technology?

This technology enhances sound clarity to the next level. It is the answer to every gamer out there who needs excellent audio. aptX encoding improves audio transmission via Bluetooth without loss of sound.

In simple terms, Bluetooth was not designed to transmit high-quality sounds. It transfers gaming sounds by compressing the audio, which makes it sound worse.

Enter aptX technology. The encoding compresses the sound differently, resulting in superb sound. Remember that the earbuds and the gaming device you are using have to support aptX technology for it to work.

Do they have Surround Sound?

Surround sound is crucial for First Person Shooter (FPS) gamers. In games such as Call of Duty, where lightning reflex can save your life surround sound gives you a better positional advantage.

Earbuds with real surround options have several speakers on each ear tip that give different audio frequencies.

If you want to have a great sense of direction and be able to immediately pinpoint the source of a sound, go for gaming earbuds with surround sound.

Do they have an integrated microphone?

Do your friends keep telling you to repeat what you just said when you play online? It is time to invest in quality earphones that have loud and clear microphones.

Excellent communication enhances your online gameplay.

There are two types of microphones: unidirectional and multidirectional.

Multidirectional mics pick sounds from a more significant area so you will hear additional sounds. That’s why many gamers choose to avoid them.

Unidirectional microphones, on the other hand, are good at blocking sounds from different directions, and you only hear the speaker’s voice. You enjoy gaming with them.

You can also choose in-line microphones. I do not like the prominent ones that extend to the face because I feel distracted. But this is a personal preference. The good thing is that most earbuds have integrated microphones, so you don’t need the lavalier ones.

Will you be comfortable wearing the earbuds?

If gaming feels like a chore, are you even gaming? Comfort is crucial, and if your earbuds make your ears itch after a few minutes of gaming, it is time to drop them.

Comfort can be quite tricky to judge, especially the software part. You can decide the convenience of the hardware after a few minutes, but the interior parts which determine the sound quality are not visible.

The materials used at the ear tips usually tell you what you are going to get. If you get leather ear cups, they will feel comfortable at first, but they accumulate sweat after some time. We all know how uncomfortable this is.

Foamed ear tips may not be comfortable at first, but they do grow on you. If you choose to go for padded ear tips, they are everywhere — another suitable option materials like ski mask bands. I don’t usually feel comfortable with plastic or metal ear tips because it often feels like someone sandpapered my ears after a while.

Earbuds that get sound quality and comfort right are just heavenly. Add weightlessness to that, and you’ve got the best gaming earbuds.

You should search for online reviews (though they are not always honest) or ask other gamers for their views on a product’s comfort.

Do they support all gaming devices?

When you buy earphones, you want to use them with different devices. Nowadays, standard earbuds use the 3.5 aux that you can use with your PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, or phones. The only gaming devices that don’t have this pin are the older versions of Xbox One.

Another option is to buy wireless earbuds that are compatible with the devices you own.

What are the earbud’s hardware specifications?

I usually associate product specs with terms and conditions because we rarely read them. Make sure you check the specifications of the product to determine its quality. You never get the chance to test the earphones, at least in most shops, and the features can be useful indicators.

These technical specs will be crucial when comparing earbuds.

  • Impedance: This measures the opposition of a circuit to alternating current when there is voltage. In simple terms, the lower the impedance, the more the current flows.
  • You want to get high-quality sound. The impedance from the source of gaming sound should be equal to the impedance of your earbuds.
  • Sensitivity: Here, sensitivity is used to describe the maximum loudness that your earphones can maintain comfortably. This specification shows the change from electrical signals to sound signals. Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is the unit of measurement.
  • For those with mid-range SPL to enhance your gaming. Buying high-range SPL may be harmful to your ears.
  • Frequency Response: This is the range of sound frequencies that your earbuds can accommodate. Your ears can hear between 20-20,000 Hz (Dogs hear up to 50,000 Hz for comparison).
  • See, most pro gamers use low-pitched gaming earbuds. Go for earphones with bass and avoid high-frequency ones that sound like squealing animals in your ears.
  • Drivers: These are speakers that change electrical signals to sound signals. You have probably seen earphones that give their driver size in mm. Let’s use 8.8 mm drivers as an example. We get this size from the diameter of the speaker.
  • For most gaming earbuds, you get high-quality sound with more significant drivers. However, this should not be a rule of thumb because, sometimes, size does not matter. Use this criterion for cheap to mid-range earbuds. High-end gaming earbuds have different technologies that boost the trebles, mids, and bass. (You will see examples later)

You boost your gameplay with clarity and quality when you go high-end.

  • However, if you are on a restricted budget, you can still find decent earbuds.

Does the earphone fit you?

Nowadays, not many products come in those one-size-fits-all strategies. Let’s drift for a moment and talk about the ill-fitting suits we had to wear. Today you get personalized products with most brands. And the same goes for gaming earbuds.

Gaming earbuds should fit your ears perfectly. Get smaller, and they will keep falling off your ears. Nobody likes that. If you pick a size too big, you may end up with grazed ears, especially with plastic ear cups.

The good thing is that most manufacturers have kept this into consideration. In the package, you can get three sizes- sometimes up to six. I believe the different sizes of ear tips will have you covered.

You can find other options to enhance the fit, like specialized extra foams. You can also find a brand that produces personalized earphones that nestle softly into your ears.

Do they offer sound isolation features?

We usually see pro gamers using earbuds and additional earmuffs to immerse themselves completely. Of course, you may not need to go to these extremes. After all, earbuds still do the job.

Sound isolating earphones use passive technology. And they prevent unwanted sounds from entering your ears. Your ears will be separated from the external sounds so you can play in your silent bubble. A perfect example of their application is the use of earbuds on toddlers when parents take them to noisy places.

Buy great gaming earbuds, and you can play in some areas with little distraction. First, gaming earbuds are quite useful in muffling noises that range between 25-42 decibels. Engine noise is about 95 decibels in comparison.

Therefore, you will only enjoy the earphones in average home noise or when there is a typical conversation around.

You may also hate the discomfort you feel with most sound isolation earphones.

Sound isolating earbuds are cheaper, but the noise-canceling models are more efficient.

How are noise-canceling earphones different from sound-isolating ones?

Have you ever been so immersed in your music with your headphones that you miss your stop? Noise cancellation earbuds are designed precisely for this.

As we mentioned, sound-isolating models use passive technology. Noise cancellation models, on the other hand, use current technology. You only hear the sound from your device. Designers make the physical set up in a way that the earbuds completely seal your ears.

How do they work?

The active parts of the earphones send out sound waves that are equal and opposite to the incoming waves from your surroundings. It creates a destructive disturbance. In short, the sounds cancel each other out, thus eliminating the noise.

If you want to cancel sounds such as car engines, noise from air conditioners, or other household noises, they should be perfect. Not only do they eliminate external noise, but they also enable you to keep the volume low. Your ears will thank you later.

The efficiency of the noise cancellation earbuds mostly depends on the brand. You may get low-cost earbuds that end up wasting your time and resources. With low-quality noise cancellation models, the sound may come in high-frequency shrills. Not what you would call an enjoyable gaming experience.

Get a pair of noise cancellation earbuds, and you can game uninterrupted for hours. I would even prefer the mid-range models to the traditional earphones any day.

Side note: Even though they are good at canceling low-pitched sounds, you will still hear high pitched noises like the cry of a baby. You will also use more power with them.

How Robust are the controls?

When you use wired earbuds frequently, you get used to the controls being lengthwise on the wire. Volume control or pausing and playing is more natural.

Wireless controls are different. Why? You need faster responses, mainly if you have used wired ones for long.

Wireless ones have the controls on the wireless earphones. These controls can be physical buttons or touch controls.

You can also go for voice-activated controls or ones that are controlled externally with an app.

How long will the battery last?

Generally speaking, the cheaper your earbuds, the short their battery life. Keep this in mind. You do not want to be immersed in your game only for the battery to go flat. Talk about a buzzkill.

Invest in gaming earbuds with long battery life. (Later we will discuss models that last around 15 hours).

How durable is the unit?

Do you have a piece that has outlasted everything in your home? You will add another to the list by buying quality earphones.

Check the materials and the superiority of different parts. Fake plastic parts, thin wires, and delicate attachment points are indicators that the earphones won’t last long. Avoid these unless you are deliberately going for short-lasting ones. Imagine parting with around $250 only for the earbuds to last a few months.

Take your time to search for robust cables and hard-wearing parts. When you buy them physically, you can even get more information and test them yourself. Consider how regular you are going to use them. And for a gamer, that will be a lot.

The sound you feed to your earphones also determines its performance. If you get the chance to test earbuds, test different ranges of bass, and music.

Who made the earbuds?

Most of us know a person who buys every electronic from the same brand from the fridge, telly down to the memory stick. Maybe you are that person. Nothing wrong with that. Sticking with the same brand works most of the time. But there are times when big names will disappoint you.

You can name that one brand that is exceptionally excellent on one product while they fail miserably in another. It is probably the reason you do not want to stick with the earbuds that came with the device you bought.

Your preference may be a recognizable brand. In this case, you can search for a brand that makes impeccable earphones such as

Quality and durability will go hand in hand with such a brand unless you get counterfeit earbuds.

Will you use them in public confidently?

You may not immediately agree, but we usually go for things that will impress others. Beauty is bliss. Who wants to get earbuds or headsets that will leave your friends in stitches every time? You want earphones or headphones that you can put on your desk at work. I find the ones with angular features very alien.

On the other hand, you also want earphones that are not everywhere you turn. Is it beautiful anymore if everybody has it? There is no shortage of looks when it comes to earbuds. Companies churn out hundreds daily.

You can go for the flashy, the sleek modern models, those with neon lights, or bright logos. Beauty is the one factor where you do not need a reviewer’s input.

If all the other factors are right, why not go with gaming earbuds that please you.

What is your budget?

I usually feel that the cost is among the last things you should consider. Go over the other features first. You are likely to find costly earbuds that lack some features that slightly cheaper ones have. Or a pair that costs $100 may have the same quality with a $200 one.

We mostly know that price equals superiority. This is a rule of thumb for most buyers. I must admit it almost always works. But in some cases, you will meet a seller (psychological experts that they are) who will notice your enthusiasm and sell you a pair at a higher price. You may end up with fake gaming earbuds.

If you are looking for noise cancellation, a renowned brand, quality sound, and long-lasting battery, the price will undoubtedly be higher.

Make sure the specs match the cost.

Are they multi-purpose?

You have probably heard all the false allegations that gamers spend all the time on the couch. You have other hobbies too.

Go for earphones that will be useful in other activities like jogging, gym, music, and movies, as well as audiobooks. The design and functionality of quality earbuds should at least make them efficient in other applications too. Otherwise, this means buying earbuds or headphones for just about everything.

You also want a multi-purpose pair that will work with all the devices in your home. Luckily, PCs, gaming consoles, and most cell phones have standard output and input ports.

Will you get Spare Parts?

When you think earbuds, the first thing that pops in your head is not a spare part. Right?

You may get attached. You never know. You’ve seen people with weather-beaten jeans or an old T-shirt that they still adore. This is even when everyone clearly hates it.

Plan for this. At least earbuds with extra spare parts or readily available components won’t look so worn after years. Some earbuds last for years.

Parts like cables, ear tips, or batteries should be replaced when they become old. Or you can use them interchangeably.

Should you use online commentaries?

Studies have confirmed what we’ve long suspected. Online reviews have become a significant part of our purchase system. Over 88% of buyers have confirmed online reports contributed to their decision.

Reviews are great, no doubt. You get a window to other customers’ experience. However, they should matter when you have seen all other factors. Some companies have found ways around customer ratings and reviews.


Here, you can consider factors like color, cable length, or the warranty on offer.

For PCs, you have to buy an adapter. PCs have different ports for the microphone and earphones, and this is where an adapter becomes useful. It splits the audio from the earphones into two to enhance communication.

Gaming Headsets vs. Gaming Earbuds

Most people feel that headphones are better than gaming earbuds when playing. You will find gaming earphones being compared to the unimpressive ones out there. They do not deserve this reputation.

For a gamer at home, you will gaming earbuds to be as impressive as headphones. Sometimes, even more.

First, gaming earbuds are lightweight. You can play for hours without getting tired. Headphones are a bit bulky, which can hold back some gamers. Weightlessness also means portability. Tie the earbuds nicely. Throw them in your pocket. And you are good to go.

There is another reason to join team earbuds. Modern headphones may be fabulous because you won’t sweat a lot. However, if you are unlucky to get fake ones, your gaming will be ruined.

With gaming earbuds, the sweating is reduced or is non-existent. Unless your friend is defeating you and taking all the bragging rights, then you have every reason to sweat.

When it comes to games in the horror genre, headphones will work great. You get better noise-isolating features with headphones than earbuds.

How do I Find a good seller?

By now, you are familiar with the factors. The step of finding a seller shouldn’t be difficult. Check the different features they offer. Another thing is price comparison among sellers. One seller can go high on a brand while another may give you a reasonable price for the same.

If you have a specific need in mind, find a brand that offers it. You may part with extra cash, but some offer personalized items.

Things to Avoid When Buying Gaming Earbuds

We have seen essential features. Now let’s see the little tricks that sellers use.

1. Freebies

Offering ‘free’ stuff is one trick that never gets old. We’ve all fallen for the free dessert, an extra gift, a free mechanic or expert on call, or a free sample. Why would someone get 50-75% off their price? Why have they suddenly acquired a benevolent spirit?

Free stuff influences you, be it financially or psychologically. You will buy a product with a mini one attached to it even though it is not free. Gaming earbuds that have extra spare parts have extra parts. Period. No, oh free ear tips! Oh, free cable!

Free stuff or extra stuff makes you feel like you owe the seller. This trick also makes you feel like you are the trickster. After all, you ended up with extra stuff. How good is that?

When it comes to earbuds, avoid freebies or enormous discounts.

2. Rushing

You have seen a pro gamer or a friend with fantastic gaming earbuds. And now you feel you should own such a pair. Relax and take your time. The waiting game, at least 20 minutes, you should help you calm down.

Will you even get time to use the products? Are your gaming needs similar? What types of games do you play? Which devices do you use? Most of the time, your gaming needs are different, even from your friends. Choose earbuds that will be perfect for you.

For costlier purchases, say $100 or more, you can take up to 24 hours to make a decision.

3. Earbuds you won’t use

It may seem obvious, but if you buy excellent earbuds, use them. Some people purchase quality products only to use them occasionally. Understandably, you may want to prevent wear, or you are an occasional gamer.

I never understand the need to buy high-end products then using low-quality ones. This is while the expensive ones sit somewhere. The whole purpose of quality products is the durability we get. ‘Saving’ quality earbuds while using subpar ones leads to less satisfaction or even more harm to your ears.

Put your money on high-end earphones and enjoy every moment of it.

4. Reviews

We can’t avoid online reviews in their entirety, can we? You should not ignore them entirely but take time to read them thoroughly. Unless from a very trusted source, they should be among the last things you should consider. Some producers have found ways around negative reviews.

First, there is the old trick of taking only positive excerpts from a negative review. For example, your review may say;

‘These earbuds are not the best in the market. I found the sound quality to be great. However, all the other things didn’t work for me.’

It will read;

‘I found the sound quality to be great.’

Nowadays, you can also pay a freelancer to give you positive feedback. Some freelancers take as little as $5 or lower per review.

You also find the negative reviews, if any, at the bottom of the list.

Always check reviews in reputable sites but even then check all other factors first.

5. Non-cleanable Earbuds

Have you ever tried another person’s earphones only to feel a greasy feeling? This is the same thing that happens with ours. Only, we are poor self-critics. I try to avoid earbuds that I can’t clean thoroughly. Cleaning your earbuds should become a regular habit.

However, you may not easily clean those without removable caps. Make sure the ones you buy can be cleaned with ease.

The accumulation of ear wax on your earbuds is not only uncomfortable, but it may also damage the drivers.

Avoid the factors mentioned above to avoid being tricked or ending with fake earbuds.

Check the company logos carefully to avoid counterfeit ones.


In this all-encompassing guide, we have seen the different factors that will help you purchase the best gaming earbuds. Specifications like sound quality, wired or wireless surround sound, and noise cancellation should always take precedence over aesthetics, price or discounts, and brand.

You still have to make sure that the cash you part with does not exceed the worth of the earbuds. It is also worth checking reviews on cable durability and if they have storage pouches.

Based on these factors, I selected the best gaming earbuds. I outlined their features and their range in price and quality. The abovementioned products from Bose earbuds to Razer ones are suggestions, and they should be used more like a guideline to measure other earbuds you may like.

We have also seen how basing your purchase on cost alone may fail you. Some earbuds are overpriced, based on the trademark alone. Also, watch out for counterfeit trademarks.

I also explained how high-end earbuds are different. Different brands come up with different technologies to give audio clearness, which means that judging them based on the driver’s size may not work.

Also, remember that any purchase that any buy that exceeds $100 requires in-depth research and lengthy consideration. Sometimes there are cheaper options that can still perform similar actions. The above guidelines will lead you to the best gaming earbuds.

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