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Best Earbuds Under $50 – 2021

Written by September 5, 2020

Are you going shopping for new earbuds? It’s not usually easy, more so when you’re on a budget. There are several brands out there, and this makes it hard to choose sometimes.

Are you looking for decent sound? No doubt, and you want comfortable earbuds that don’t keep falling off your ears all the time you’re in motion. You also consider durability, so that they can last for some period. You might need some extra inbuilt facilities to spice up your experience too.

Best Budget Earbuds

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds

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The Absoulte Best

Creative Outlier in-Ear Headphones

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Best for Sports

SoundPEATS In-Ear Earbuds

SoundPEATS In-Ear Earbuds

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1. Creative Outlier in-Ear Headphones

The Absoulte Best

“Their sound quality is good, and they have a strong bass with a clear top end.”

Rugged and sturdy build.

No alternative earpiece sizes.

Good controls.

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Its design is for people living an active lifestyle, and if you like earbuds that will make you stand out, these may be a perfect match.

Each earbud has a tip that makes them stick in your ear as you continue doing whatever you’re doing. They have a clip on the wire also, to protect the remote control. It’s available on the wire of the earbud from the right ear, and it’s effectively in your control.

Take Control

The remote has three buttons that control what is going on, including an off/on control, play and pause the music. And, if you press this button when you have an incoming call, you’ll answer it. There are buttons to decrease or increase the volume also, skip a track, or repeat your last record. They are a match with the Bluetooth

Clear Top End

Their sound quality is good, and they have a strong bass with a clear top end. They have soft silicone tips, and they are comfortable in the ear.

They are worth the money, well made, and the sound is decent.

2. SoundPEATS In-Ear Earbuds

SoundPEATS In-Ear Earbuds

Best for Sports

“hough you may want to treat them with a little care, they are best for outdoors, since they are waterproof, they.”

Well made with the best functions.

Only thirty feet of Wireless connection.

Competitive price.

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Their design is simple, and they are similar to other earbuds. They have tips to make them stable and comfortable to wear. It is an adequate design, and for those people who use them when doing activities, they help to keep them intact.

The cables contain a cover to alleviate them during wear and tear. The cables are a bit flattened so that they can fit behind your neck more comfortable.

Sweat Proof

They are light weighing at three ounces. Thus, it’s easy to carry around. Though you may want to treat them with a little care, they are best for outdoors, since they are waterproof, they.

Want to control your music? That is simple as they contain an in-line controller. Some like these kinds of control ways, to the alternative, that is to have controls on the earbuds themselves. Making them more cumbersome and hard to use. The controller is ordinary, containing skipping tracks, volume, and play and pause controls

They are Wireless, thus, making them usable with tablets, phones, etc. The connecting distance is about thirty feet, a little disappointing.

Sound as Expected

They have an in-built condenser microphone that produces a quality sound for calls, and it’s audio is the same as other earbuds.

For earbuds with double dynamic drivers, they are best for earbuds under $50.

3. Shure SE112-GR

Shure SE112-GR

Most lightweight Earbuds

“These are lightweight earbuds, and their design fits comfortably and neatly in the ear.”

Shure is quality in both construction and sound.

This model has no connection.

Affordable price.

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The Shure SE112 has two versions of designs, the earbuds only, and the earbuds with remote and mic release.

When Shure is manufacturing, anything about sound reproduction, they apply a lot of experience from research and performance. Therefore, they manufacture quality products, and Shure is made using these technologies.

Noise Isolation

These are lightweight earbuds, and their design fits comfortably and neatly in the ear. And, they are more of sound-isolating than noise canceling. The difference being, noise isolating earbuds provides a seal to fit, stopping unwanted noise, whereas the noise-canceling block the background noise electronically.

Shure, have been identified as among the world’s best sound production, though always thought to be costly, the price matches the quality. And, with the Shure technology, they make the best earbuds under $50.

4. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds

Best Budget Earbuds

“These earbuds are an excellent example of quality and budget.”

Good sound reproduction.

Weak cables.

Great price.

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Panasonic is one of the first electronics company in the world. This big organization has recently tried to focus on a middle brand image. However, it manufactures high-end products as well as some budget lines. These earbuds are an excellent example of quality and budget.

Don’t Judge.

Are you checking out these earbuds for the first time? Don’t worry. There is nothing much to notice due to the price tag. However, don’t judge. Unlike their expensive competitors, they don’t come with refinements, but if the sound is your priority, then you should try out these earbuds.

They are somehow basic and look a little cheaper, though, at first sight, they appear as a cross between some hard bud designs and a softer bud. These soft elements give them a tighter fit to prevent background noise. They are comfortable to put on.

But what are Negatives?

Affordable products always have some downsides, and with Panasonic, the cables are not durable, and they are flimsy. But, if they are well taken care of, you should be fine.

They are a great purchase if all you’re on a budget and all you need is a decent sound. They are highly competitive for the best earbuds under $50.

5. SoundMAGIC E10

Best Cheap Earbuds

“Often, when a product is cheap, you tend to automatically think that it may not be as good at that price. The SoundMagic E10 may prove you wrong.”

They are simple and can do the primary job well.

Not best for athletic activity.

Competitive price.

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Often, when a product is cheap, you tend to automatically think that it may not be as good at that price. The SoundMagic E10 may prove you wrong.

Here’s Why

They are made from aluminum, and their design can stand the rigors of everyday use. Their jack connector is made of metal; therefore, when you hold them in your hands, they feel durable and well made.

Earbuds need to be placed deep into the ear, and if your music is too loud, it may lead to hearing damage; this is one of the side effects of using earbuds. But, E10 doesn’t need to penetrate too deep. It’s a great design.

They comfortably sit in place on your ear, and they don’t need to be adjusted all the time when you’re using them. They also come with extra tips of different sizes to make sure that they fit perfectly. Thus, blocking background noises.

What About the Price ag?

Quite affordable. Could this be the best earbuds under $50?

6. MEE audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors

MEE audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors

Best Durability

“A feature that is mostly available on expensive brands is their removable cables.”

They are durable.

They lack some of the extras that you always get in other products.

Good price.

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This design is outstanding. Cabling decreasing microphonics, over the ear, and being able to remain in place. A feature that is mostly available on expensive brands is their removable cables.

Their drivers are standard dynamic, this may not be what you call high performance, and they don’t have an in-line remote control unit. The tips are fitted with foam for comfort.

How About the Sound?

They have a high-frequency and very sharp. The bass is good and sounds deep. And, the most important thing is; the separation is acceptable; hence, mids, treble, and bass don’t overlap to cause a messy sound.

They come with a remote control unit, six sets of ear tips, stereo and headset cables, carrying case, and foam ear tips

7. ZERO AUDIO-Ear Stereo Headphone

ZERO AUDIO-Ear Stereo Headphone

Best Style

“At first sight, they look beautiful. The look of the aluminum barrel and a soft grey pattern makes it appealing. They are very light also.”

Good quality sound.

Poor design quality.

Reasonable price.

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At first sight, they look beautiful. The look of the aluminum barrel and a soft grey pattern makes it appealing. They are very light also.

Their composition is not so good. Most earbuds have a strengthening where cables meet the earpiece housing, but these earbuds don’t have it. This makes them feel insecure. The cables are also made of rubber materials which makes them not the best.

We must remember that these are the best earbuds under $50, so some manufacturers may limit some features to meet the price tag.

There Are Some Good Things, Though.

Their noise isolation is better if they neatly sit on your ear, and there is also little sound leakage.

The sound is suitable for a product of this price. The base is high. However, it’s bearable, and the mids are clear. They may be a bit high at the top end of other music styles. However, the sound is still balanced and quality.

These earbuds don’t have a mic or other extras. It only depends on the performance. However, for this price, the sound is the best.

8. HiFiMan RE-400 In-Ear Headphones

HiFiMan RE-400 In-Ear Headphones

Most Comfortable

“They comfortably fit on your ears, and they are not complicated.”

They are simple and can do the primary job well.

Not best for athletic activity.

Competitive price

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HiFiman RE-400 is a compact and small set of earbuds with a good design that is not going to disappoint. They comfortably fit on your ears, and they are not complicated.

How About the Sound?

The bass is high that it clouds the mids, but the highs are clear. They are defined to allow any music to play in good quality.

They have earbud tips that come in a variety of sizes to ensure that they fit well to block any background noise and keep your music clear.

However, they are not noise-canceling; but, a good fit on your ear will improve the balance of music. Protection filters are available to help the inner working of the earbuds.


Apart from being comfortable, they may not be suitable for the gym or jogging. They are not waterproof and being an affordable product, you’re likely to keep putting them back in place when jogging or doing activities. However, they have a clip to attach the cabling to your jacket.

9. Anker SoundBuds Sport NB10

Anker SoundBuds Sport NB10

Good Value Earbuds

“The material quality is okay though the quality of the sound isn’t good.”

Quite well made.

Poor sound quality.

Very lightweight.

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When a company wants to come up with a new product while keeping the price down, the first adjustment they take a look at to cut the cost is the material quality. Plastic replaces metal, and braided cloth replaces rubber. This may be a good thing, but it may appear cheap on some phones. They are very light and sweat proof.

Comfortable Fit.

Their design is over the ear, and they come in three sizes to get a perfect fit. For stability, they have an extra cable tie, which ensures they remain on your ears. They are somehow insecure due to their lightweight

The right earbud has three controls, one for playback and two others. They also have a micro USB port that is hidden under the flap and the microphone.

Out of the three control, two are for the up and down volume, and the third one has several functions. It works as an off/on switch, and you can pair up with your Bluetooth by holding it down. Once your music starts playing, it then changes to different functions such as skip, pause, or play the song.

What About Sound?

These earbuds don’t have the best sound quality, but it has a reasonable balance of high and low frequencies. Their battery stays for about six hours.

For that price, they are decent. The material quality is okay though the quality of the sound isn’t good.

They are suitable for the gym lovers, and they have a travel pouch, some fit clips, three pairs of tips, and a micro USB cable.

10. Betron DC950HI Headphones Earphones

Best Low End Earbuds

“Given the price tag of this product, the sound quality is unimaginable.”

Quality with suitable components.

Sound quality is not the best.

Low price.

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Have you gone through so many options trying to choose the best earbuds under $50? Well, you might have come to the right place. Good quality, cheap earplugs? They could be.

They have metal housing design with a reinforced joining point between cable and housing, to ensure they are stable and durable. The connector has a gold plated jack plug to provide an excellent reproduction. A gold cover ensures quality connection and prevents corrosion.

The connector is right-angled, which some people may find unpleasant due to difficult fitting into the receiving socket in some devices. The cable has a length of about four feet, and it’s tangle-free. These controllers allow you to control the music and the incoming calls. Its IOS and Samsung compatible, also MP3 play.

Great Low End.

Given the price tag of this product, the sound quality is unimaginable. The frequency response is 20Hz to 29kHz. It’s common among the earbuds on the lower price end. However, their bass sound is evident.

It has a driver unit of 11.5, which delivers the bass. With this prominent bass, the mids are a little affected. The highs are sharper sounding, but you must admit that the price of these earbuds represents a great value.

They come with an extra three pairs of earbuds to give a perfect fit. They also have a carrying case.

You’ll Be Surprised.

When you take a looking at them for the first time, you may think they probably not worth it. But you may be wrong. They are durable, well made, have connections to devices, and a mic, and with this, you may want to take a second look at them. The sound is not the best, but it doesn’t matter as such.

They are worth the value for money and a probably competitive for the Best Earbuds Under $50

Key Factors To Consider When Buying Earbuds Under $50

Often, most people make their buying decisions based on; Brand, price, and design. First, they check out the earbuds’ general appearance. Does it appear stylish? Does its color fit their taste? Second, they look at the price. Does it fall under their budget? Is there anything cheaper for the same quality? And last, the brand. Is it known? Do many users trust it?

These can be good reasons to enable them to decide on the best earbuds to buy. However, this isn’t enough. Buying earbuds based on these factors only, may not provide you the best experience for your money. To help avoid shopping for earbuds you’ll dislike, check out the factors below before going ahead with your purchase.

  1. Earbud Specifications

Wise consumers don’t usually let price, brand, and even looks limit them. So how do you tell if the product is worth your money?

Given that you’re not allowed to try out earbuds before buying them, the only thing to do is to check out the specifications in its packaging. And If you’re buying online, make sure you look into the details keenly. Here is what you have to check out when purchasing earbuds:

  • Impedance

This is the estimation of opposition a circuit gives to the current when voltage is applied. If the impedance is of a device too high, it limits the flow of the current. To achieve the highest power and get the best sound quality, you must match the impedance of the earbuds to that of the source.

  • Sensitivity

This is the measure of how loud the earbuds may go’. The sensitivity specifications show the change of electric signals to acoustic signals. Often, it’s measured in the level of the sound pressure. For you to safely listen to music, you have to choose earbuds that have a mid-range level of sensitivity. If you go above limits, you may endanger your ears.

  • Frequency Response

It’s measured in hertz, this is the range of sound frequencies the earbuds can rewind. If you know the frequency response of an earbud, you’re likely to buy the right product if you prefer listening to a specific kind of music. For example, if you prefer your music with a lot of bass, you should consider earbuds with low bass frequency

  • Drivers

They turn electrical signals into sound pressure. They are accountable for making the sound in your earbuds. So if your driver is larger/stronger, it makes the overall acoustic of the earbuds better. Drivers can also enhance the trebles and bass for a better listening experience.

2. Perfect Fit

Comfit is essential too. It can be challenging to enjoy your techno songs if your earbud is hurting ears and keeps falling off. And, if they can stay in your ear for a certain period, it can spoil the fun too. You can get a variety of tips that you can use on your earbuds, though not all earbuds accept tips because some don’t have the availability to use them. The ones which are not plastic may work for some people and not work for others. When you’re buying earbuds, ensure that the one you’re interested in can take ear tips. So that when the default ends hurt your ears, you can get rid of them and use a compatible tip and continue listening to your music without any interference when your earbuds fall out and swing on the edge of your head.

You can now get your earbuds custom made for your ears for a perfect fit. Measurements are taken on both ears and make a mold from them. After that, they create earbuds using the final product. Since they are customized, they will make a perfect fit.

3. Type and Specialization

Earbuds come in various sizes and shapes for different uses. Choosing the kind of earbuds that suits you depends on the activities you’re going to do. Such as, jogging or working out, earbuds with tight fit is the best option. However, if you want to enjoy excellent music, go for earbuds with the best quality of sound. Below are the types of earbuds to checkout.

  • Sound Isolation

These earbuds isolate sound. They block other background noises, making it easier to enjoy your music. They are best when you’re in a crowded place or traffic.

  • Noise Cancellation

Unlike sound isolating earbuds, noise cancellation earbuds block all kinds of background noises. They are very superior, and they can let you fall asleep in noisy environments.

  • Sweat Resistant

Do you love enjoying your music at the gym or during your morning run? If yes, then you should go for sweat-resistant earbuds. They prevent moisture from sweat.

  • Wired or Wireless

If you’re the type of person that is always moving away from their computers or don’t want to handle messy wires. Then, wireless earbuds should be your first choice.

With wireless earbuds, moving around your house while enjoying sweet music is easy, besides you don’t’ have to worry about messed up wires getting in the way. Working out in the gym or jogging with wireless earbuds can make it easier for you too. While wireless earbuds can be best, they have their downsides also. For example, they need to charge them. Various Bluetooth earbuds have a variety of maxed charged times. And, when you are using wireless earbuds, you don’t need to be worried about the source of your music as the audio quality is up to your earbuds. The sound quality is usually different when you’re using wireless over a wired connection.

Wired earbuds have a lot of benefits, major ones being; they don’t require batteries to be functional because they use power from their connection and another one being the quality of their audio. Since they use Digital to Analog Converter in your computer sound card, the con is unless the device you’re using is portable, you can’t move around, which is okay if you want to relax in one location and enjoy your music. And if you like walking around a lot, it’s good to decide how you can listen to your music.

4. Battery Life For Wireless Earbuds

Many manufacturers of Bluetooth earbuds quote a playing period of three to five hours. In reality, be ready to cut off about 20% of the assured figure. When your power gets over, put your earbuds in their charging case to charge using the energy from a built-in battery in their case. The case has a battery that can store enough charge to use for like three to four times. Note that; Some manufacturers may quote the playing time from the combination of the top-ups available in the charging case rather than stating the playing time of the earbuds. If the quoted figure is between 12-15 hours, that may not be a continuous listening on a single charge. Ideally, you have to know the time you’re going to listen to your music before you put them back to recharge

5. Wearability

Apart from the secure ones, ask yourself the type of earbuds you’ll want to have. Those sitting on your neck, lying on your earlobes, or the ones that pass sound through your bones? The best way is to check out the different types mentioned above and make a selection that best suits you because only you can decide

6. Replaceable Cable

Just like some headphones, some earbuds have the advantage of getting their cables removed. The main pro about this is that, when cables break or get spoiled, you can easily replace them. You can decide to replace them yourself or send them to the manufacturer if they are still under warranty. As long as you didn’t damage them, it should be okay. If in case you decide to use your cable for skipping and unluckily step on them and cut them off, then they can’t cater for the repair.

7. Earwax Cleaning

Cleaning your earbuds should be a priority. Though some are hard to clean because their tips are non-removable. Earwax may build up on the ends of the driver affecting the sound quality. Being unable to get rid of the extra wax may block the drivers.

Now that you know what to look out for, make an informed decision, and buy the best earbuds.

Risks of Bad Choices

Often, you might want to get earbuds on the streets based on their low prices, especially if you’re on a budget. Most of them can be appealing and more economical cost. They are cheap that you could get more than one. They perfect that you don’t see any need for investing in an expensive pair. The fact is, they might be costly, but they are long-lasting, strive more to protect your ear, and provide high sound quality.

Before you get a pair to matches your favorite outfit, here are five reasons why you should make a better choice.

  • Sound Distortion

For you to protect your hearing, the sound should not exceed 65 decibels hearing level. That said, your volume shouldn’t be louder than 80 decibels. But, because of sound distortions in the background, you may want to raise the volume beyond the recommended level. This may damage your hearing, and if the sound is too loud, you may lose your earing quickly.

  • Bad Fit

Most earbuds don’t fit properly. You’re either holding them with your hands, positioning them so you can hear or pushing them in. This is due to the manufacturers cutting corners to keep them affordable. A lousy fit forces you to put the loudest sound so that you can hear leading to hearing damage.

  • No Noise-canceling Feature

No matter how loud your sound is, you can still hear what is going on in the background. Because these earbuds don’t cancel background noises that provide a safer and better hearing experience. When using these types of earbuds, it’s advisable to use them where there are fewer distractions to avoid accidents, such as when you’re operating machines or walking on the road.

  • Can Cause Vertigo

Due to their poor fit and quality, there is a chance of cracking up the sound to the maximum. Exposure to loud music may cause pressure on the ear, causing dizziness or vertigo.

  • Unequal Sound Amplification

Most roadside earbuds don’t equally amplify sound over the volume and range of pitch. This may result in sudden spikes between the two, causing hearing damage.


If you want to get a pair of the best cheap earbuds, consider not getting an outstanding performance or the best quality because you’re not spending that much cash on them. But be sure that they will get the primary job done.

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