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Best PSVR Games

Written by October 21, 2019

A PSVR game puts you in the middle of the action and is deeply immersive. When you try your first game, opt for a static game until you get used to how the scenery shifts around you. Then move on to a game with more motion – take care to make sure you are playing in a cleared space as you don’t want to bump into anything while wearing your headset. The sensation of rapid movement may be disturbing at first until you adapt to it.

Tetris Effect – Light and Sound Combined to Magical Effect.

Now you are center stage as you arrange the blocks, just as you have done many times before. But you are surrounded by music and fantastic art. The game shows moody pictures and sounds for each of the different boards. A personal art installation to change and delight you every time.

There are different difficulty settings and the ability to freeze time while you work out what you are doing. Some of the images and sequences are so beautiful that you will want to share them. You can post stills and videos to your favorite platform while you are playing the game.

This single-player game provides excellent relaxation and fun. The Tetris game is widespread across all devices and enjoyed by all ages. It is easy to master the gameplay, but there are hidden depths. VR adds a beautiful new dimension to enjoy. Controlled using the DualShock4 controller, but Move controllers will not work on this version of the game.

Editors Rating: [usr 4 size=14]

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Best for the Fans

We all know that Star Trek has a cult following, and fans will hotly debate the merits of being a Trekkie or a Trekker. No selection of best games would be complete without the inclusion of at least one Star Trek game.

The mission is to find a new homeworld for the Vulcans. You can play as one of four characters on the bridge. The captain is the only role that must be a human player. The others (Helm, Tactical, Engineer) can all be NPCs (Non-Player Characters). You can play with up to three others, but each player will require a headset, and you will be playing online. You can play as the captain and control all the characters.

The game can be controlled using either DualShock4 or Move controllers. Playing in VR is more immersive. You can only see the information that is available to your character. If using the Move controllers, it is your hands that are operating the controls. A reality enhanced role-playing game that makes you feel as if you are part of the action.

Editors Rating: [usr 4 size=14]

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Blood & Truth -Best First-Person Shooter for VR

You can use either DualShock 4 or Move controllers. Move controllers give a more natural interaction with the PSVR game. You will be shooting plenty of other characters, but you can also duck and hide. And it will feel as if you are in the street seeking shelter.

This single-player game has a good storyline. Your character’s family is under threat from the London underworld gangs. You must save your family. Typically you achieve this by shooting the bad guys with a range of powerful weapons. Using the Move controllers makes the unfolding action feel very personal and physical. There are some hidden surprises throughout the game and other activities, as well as shooting.

This fast-paced game can move faster than the VR processing, and the action can freeze and kill your character. It is annoying if this happens, but it is infrequent. The game is involving, and you star as your very own action hero.

Editors Rating: [usr 4.5 size=14]

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Moss – Charming and Entertaining

This game can be played with DualShock 4 or Move controllers. You are the reader helping a cute mouse called Quill to navigate the revealed world and save her uncle. The illustrations are excellent and make good use of the VR headset.

You can look in all directions, and the audio helps to build the illusion that you are walking through another world. This game rewards curiosity, so be sure to search carefully for hidden secrets.

This game is excellent in the use of VR because of the intimacy of the relationship of you as a character (the reader) with Quill, the heroine of this tale. There are puzzles and threats to be solved and defeated. The total game time is short at four hours, but this is an experience to enjoy and a delightful world to explore.

Editors Rating: [usr 5 size=14]

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Beat Sabre – Best for Movement

You need two Move controllers. Picture this; you are standing in cyberspace, coming towards you are colored cubes. The music is pounding. You are ready, poised for action. Depending on the color, you are going to slash with your left or right hand. But listen carefully to the beat – will you be going from left to right or from right to left with your sweep?

It sounds and is simple, but the level of concentration and effort you will need means you will need to find your zone. Like an expert swordsman, you will need to act without thinking, no pause between thought and action.

If you want to work out while you play, then this game is for you. Alternatively, if you prefer to play while you work out, this is still the game for you.

Editors Rating: [usr 4.5 size=14]

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Statik – Best for Puzzle Solvers

This game is all about solving puzzles using the DualShock 4 controller. You are clueless as to how you are to proceed. Your character must escape various puzzle boxes. You will have to experiment to find out what works and, more importantly, what does not.

This game has been well designed to play inside a VR environment. Are you stuck on a puzzle? Look around, and there are subtle hints in the room. The problems are challenging but not impossible, and you will feel as if you’ve achieved something when you solve them. As you progress by solving the puzzles, they will increase in difficulty.

This game gives an excellent work out for the brain. You can project the image onto a screen while a player is in the headset. You can then play it as a party game with helpful (or not) advice shouted out by others.

Editors Rating: [usr 5 size=14]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR – Best for RPG

The VR version uses the same world as the original game. Move controllers will give the game that hands-on feeling. You have the whole open world to explore, but be warned. VR with Move controllers means more physical exertion. If you climb a cliff face or swim, you are going to feel the movement in your muscles.

The graphics are old and are not updated for VR and in places this shows. The actions have been adapted to work with Move Controllers, and although they feel satisfying, they can also be sluggish. Play a game where the movements work with a Move controller in mind, and you will feel the difference.

Playing this PSVR game gives you a different perspective compared with seeing the action on a screen. You lookup at immense creatures and feel dwarfed; you look down the steep drops and may feel dizzy. This role-playing game is a little bit addictive, especially as it now feels like an actual place you are visiting.

Editors Rating: [usr 5 size=14]

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Ultra-Wings – Best for Flying

This game is for those who secretly want to be a pilot. You can play with the DualShock 4 or with Move controllers. There is a limited choice of 4 planes, but the game concentrates on giving you the experience of flying a plane.

It is a single-player game that allows you to perform various flight-related activities. There is a choice of play modes – arcade or simulator. There’s no combat; it is all about the flying.

Editors Rating: [usr 4 size=14]

No Man’s Sky: Beyond – Good for Playing with Friends

This game is an open-world exploration game that you can play with up to 7 friends. There are no set objectives, so you need to make your mind up as to what it is you are going to do. Think of it as taking a trip to explore and keep exploring as this game continues to evolve.

Four different play modes can change the way you interact with the game – Normal, Creative, Permadeath and Survival. Each game mode has its challenges.

The VR headset allows you to feel that you are exploring a new world or piloting a spacecraft. The technology is still developing, and this is an ambitious open-world project. You are likely to encounter some glitches. If you have wondered what it would be like to live and work in space with a network of planets, then you will enjoy this PSVR game for a long time as it continues to evolve.

Editors Rating: [usr 5 size=14]

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Superhot – Best for that Matrix Feeling

Remember the Matrix film and how Neo could move in that impossible way while dodging bullets? In this PSVR game, you can do that movement as the bullets whizz past.

Numerous red enemies fly at you from all directions, but when you are still time stops. The artwork is not particularly detailed because the game is straightforward – kill your enemies and don’t die. There are two modes – a story with a bit of narrative and survival- endless enemies to destroy.

You bend and flex your body to dodge the bullets (matrix style), so Move controllers are the best option. You don’t have to move around the room in the game, but you will still want to take the precaution of having no trip hazards. All that flexing and moving will cause a little breathlessness when the action heats up.

It’s a first-person shooter game that plays to VR strengths allowing moves and actions that would not be possible in anything but a PSVR game.

Editors Rating: [usr 5 size=14]

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What to Look for in a PSVR Game

The main reason to buy a PSVR game is the same as any other game – it promises to be fun and an enjoyable way to spend some time. Then there are a few additional considerations that may sway you to one game rather than another.

Special VR Features

You are looking for better game time with features that are not obtainable any other way. You want to be immersed in and interacting with the game world with your VR Headset. The game should have some features that make it ideal for the VR experience.

Single or Multiplayer

Your preference may be to play alone or with others. But some games are better with friends, even as a PSVR game.


The game graphics and storyline must be appealing. Once you have mastered the VR special moves, you need a reason to keep playing. The PS4 and VR headset will enable the sharing of screenshots and video footage from the game. But you are going to want something you think is worth sharing.


The most immersive experience is by using Move controllers – one for each hand. Not every PSVR game can play this way; you may need to use a DualShock 4.


If you are investing in a PSVR game, you want to know that you are going to get a reasonable number of hours of quality game time.

Possible Health Benefits of PSVR Games

More Physical Activity: A sedentary lifestyle is no good for us, and we should move more. Invest in a couple of Move controllers to team up with your VR headset, and you can do just that. Your hands become the controllers, and you can work out while you play. You exercise and get rid of all your frustrations.

Relaxation: Some PSVR games are an experience as well as an activity. A step up from listening to relaxing music, they provide a blend of music and images. In playing the game, you immerse yourself in another world with all the benefits of taking a little time out for yourself.

Exercising the Brain: Any activity that makes you think and puzzle out a solution uses your brain. The key here is that you should not be reacting on autopilot; it should be new and require your active participation. PSVR games immerse you in the puzzle and challenge and engage your problem-solving mind. The brain gets to do some work, and you become slightly happier as a result.

Possible Problems Playing PSVR Games

PSVR games are new, and there isn’t enough evidence to say if there are risks in playing them. When steam trains arrived, the Victorians believed that some people would become instantly insane. Stories ran in newspapers that the sound and the motion of the travel resulted in deranged passengers.

Playing any game for an extended time can cause problems, but some are unique to PSVR games.

Bumps and Falls

You are wearing a headset. You are playing a game and are focussed. You can’t see the room, so you are going to lose your awareness of where things are. PSVR games recommend that you take a break every 30 minutes to reacquaint yourself with your surroundings.

Motion Sickness

You get car sick but not your brother. If the game involves flying, moving at speed, or jumping through space, then it may provoke a feeling of sickness or dizziness. Especially if playing without a break. The message here is that you should take regular breaks and pay attention to how you are feeling.

Seizures and Epilepsy

If you have a medical condition, then you will avoid most triggers like flickering images. However, someone with no previous history can have an effect triggered by patterns of light or flashes. This reaction can happen anytime – watching TV, for example. Playing a PSVR game is not more likely to induce this effect, but it is sensible to take regular breaks.

Eye Strain

PSVR games have only been around for a short time, but we already know that staring at screens for too long without a break is just not great for eye health. Take time to make sure the focus settings on the headset are right for you. And, you’ve guessed it – take regular breaks.


The term cybersickness describes the feeling of nausea you can feel when your brain gets confused by competing experiences. It can occur when watching 3D films or a PSVR game.

The game or the film is feeding your brain visual and sound impressions about where you are and what you are doing. But your body is not responding with consistent sensations. There is no wind in your face, no touch on your arm, and your muscles aren’t working the way your brain expects.

This disconnect gives rise to a feeling of sickness. It won’t go away if you ignore it. It’s a warning sign that you need a break. Go and walk around and have a drink of water.

It is sensible to consider your health when game playing. Hours in a cramped position will cause muscle fatigue. Taking a regular break to reconnect with the world around you is common sense.

The Future of PSVR Games

We love to play, and we demand the very best experience. We want to be as close to reality as possible. PSVR games deliver a more immersive and emotional experience, and games will continue to develop to play to the strengths of this type of gaming.

There are rumors that Sony is getting ready to issue a PlayStation 5 with a further developed PSVR 2. This type of game is involving and appealing, so more developers will produce games that take advantage of the VR features.

In the three years since Sony released a VR headset for PS4, many games have been reformulated or newly written to provide you with the best PSVR games. We’ve looked at ten of them for a reason to put your VR headset on.

And Finally

Three years ago, an affordable virtual reality (VR) headset for Play Station 4 arrived on the game scene. Then came the PSVR games to take advantage of the unique perspective available to the player with a VR headset. When we talk about PSVR games, we are discussing games that play on a PlayStation 4 (any of them) with a PSVR headset.

You can play any of your PS4 games with a PSVR headset, and they don’t have to be specifically PSVR games. In cinema mode, your standard game will display on a virtual screen. You can use this mode to watch films as well as playing games. The joy of a VR headset is best with a PSVR game that has been developed to play to this technology’s unique points.

PSVR games represent the future of games because the experience is so involving. A VR enabled game with Move controllers involves you physically as well as mentally with the game. Whatever you find entertaining and however you like to spend your time, there is a PSVR game that will draw you in and make you smile.


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