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Best Controller for Fortnite 2021

Written by August 16, 2020

Part of the rising competitive online games in recent years, Fortnite is a fast-paced title that requires its players to think fast and act faster. If you ever find yourself in a less-than-ideal position, you would need to quickly get yourself out of trouble with some very fast finger play, but can your controller keep up? Standard controllers don’t have the necessary features and buttons needed to give you an optimal performance. However, there are controllers in the market that’s specifically built to enhance your performance during competitive play, and we’ll be tackling the best of the best in our article.

? Our Honorable Picks ?

Best for Xbox

Xbox One Wireless Elite

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Best for PS4

Razer Raiju Wolverine Gaming Controller

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Best Value

NACON Controller Revolution PRO

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NACON Controller Revolution PRO

Best Budget High Performance

Very affordable

No wireless option

Compact Design

Not Xbox and PC compatible

Additional buttons

Unique D-Pad location

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This special controller for the PS4 is a solid choice for gamers on a tight budget but still want a model that offers great performance for competitive play. This controller features no wireless connection, which can either be a boon or a deal-breaker to some. Regardless, at least you don’t have to worry about latency issues or regular charging, right? It’s portable and compact design is also perfect for gaming enthusiasts on the go, and come with plenty of helpful features to boot.

In terms of feel and comfort during long-term use, this model performs excellently. Because of its high-quality rubber material, the controller feels nice and offers a good grip without giving any hand fatigue.

If you want some customization for your controller, the NACON Revolution doesn’t come up short. With the additional buttons, R2 and L2 adjustment capabilities, and dead zones, you can change this unit’s performance to suit the game you’re playing. There are four available buttons you can customize from M1 and M4, and this is more than enough to make button-intensive games marginally easier.

It also has a unique and easy-to-access D-pad that allows for quicker controls, and it’s eight-winged directional, which further increases its accessibility. One minor downside about this controller is that its only compatible with the PS4, so it can’t be used by players who only have a PC or an Xbox console.

Otherwise, this is a good choice for any PS4 owner who doesn’t mind a wired unit. Given the level of customization, this can easily be the best controller for Fortnite if you know how to take advantage of its features. And best of all, it comes at a very affordable price, so you don’t need to spend much on a controller to get great performance.

Important Features:

  • Comfort-oriented design
  • Wide-range of customization
  • Unique D-Pad placement
  • Affordable price
  • No charging necessary

Razer Raiju Wolverine Gaming Controller

Best PS4 Customizable

Extensive customization capabilities

Not compatible with PC and Xbox systems

Easy-access control panel

Advanced game settings

Ergonomic design

Aesthetic lighting effects

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Another impressive controller exclusively for the Playstation 4 is the Razer Raiju. This gaming controller features many components that improve your overall performance and gaming experience. Aside from that, Wolverine’s compact and minimalist design goes beautifully well with the bright colors of its aesthetic lighting system. Here’s a full list of what to expect with this controller.

This model is complete with customizable buttons that will adapt to your style of play, and its D-pads and interchangeable thumbsticks are a good supplement as well. The number of extra buttons available for you to use might seem a bit overwhelming to use at first, but you will greatly benefit from integrating them into your play sessions.

There are a total of six adjustable buttons – two bumpers that are multi-functional, four different triggers, and each of them can easily be customized using a control panel that’s easy to access. With these buttons, mastering the most complex move sets is made much easier. The combination of their remapping and Synopses systems is also a welcome addition.

For compatibility, this controller can be used for both an Xbox and a Windows 10 PC, but not a PS4 console. Not ideal, but not unsurprising since you’d be hard-pressed to find a controller that’s compatible with the three main gaming systems. This model, though, takes a lot of points for its excellent ergonomic design, being built specifically to provide comfort even during extended use.

Finally, while not exactly a necessity, the Wolverine comes with a beautiful Chroma lighting system that can be customized to suit your preferences. Overall, the Razer is a solid choice for any gamer with a Windows 10 PC or an Xbox, given its useful features, comfortable design, and fancy lighting system, anyone can see why it’s so popular among the gaming community.

Important Features:

  • Customizable buttons
  • Chroma lighting system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Interchangeable thumbsticks
  • Intuitive D-pad

PowerA Fusion Controller

Best Comfort & Performance


No wireless connectivity

Switchable analog sticks

PC and Xbox One compatible only

Unique button components

3.5 mm audio jack

Lockable dual-trigger

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The Fusion model is an incredibly versatile controller that’s been gaining a lot of popularity with good reason. The combination of its impressive design and useful features will draw any gamer looking for a potential controller. This model allows for the top of the line aiming and precision, essentially giving you an extra edge when it comes to both casual and competitive play.

The controller’s components are built in a way that offers maximum comfort and performance. For example, it has two Pro buttons that allow you to reassign their function and save its settings for future use.

This controller features an analog stick design that’s interchangeable, so they can easily be replaced depending on your type of play. It also makes replacing them a little bit easier, and you don’t have to spend extra cash for a replacement since this model comes within a package that includes a convenient set of extra analog sticks.

With its lockable dual-trigger, your gaming experience will feel more fluid and precise. Turning on these locks will enable you to hit your trigger buttons much more quickly, and this is especially useful for fast-paced play where you need to react fast if you want to gain the upper hand.

Finally, this unit is designed with an audio jack, so you can connect your headset for enhanced immersion and better communication with your teammates.

Overall, this is an excellent controller if you’re looking for a model with solid construction and high-quality performance. For its convenient analog sticks, lockable dual-trigger, specialized buttons, and audio jack, these components are more than enough for you to consider buying this unit. Despite the numerous features that this controller comes with, it still has a price that will meet the budget of most gamers.

Important Features:

  • High-quality construction
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extensive customization
  • Audio support

Xbox One Wireless Controller Elite

Best Precision Xbox

Lockable hair trigger switch

Not compatible for PS 4 console

User-friendly app

Pads are interchangeable

Optimized friction ring

Comfortable grips

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This model is one of if not the best controller for Fortnite. You won’t be able to play it on any other platform aside from the Xbox One and in PC via a USB connection, though. While you can play with this unit on a Windows 10 computer through via wired connection, another option you can take is to get an Xbox wireless adapter that’s sold separately. This controller showcases a lot of useful features inside a small and ergonomic design that can comfortably fit any hand. Here is a complete breakdown of what this excellent model has to offer.

With the level of precision that it offers, taking down all of your opponents will be easier than ever. It contains a ton of swappable components that makes optimization not only possible but very easy, as well. With its hair-trigger switch, you can increase the sensitivity of the triggers. Activating this switch will limit the movement of the controller’s triggers. This results in making the triggers react to your commands much faster without adding in much force.

The combination of this model’s rubberized grips and interchangeable paddles enhance the level of control that you have over your actions and movements. The grips also feel good to touch and are quite comfortable on your hand.

What we love about this controller is that it contains many minute details that will help any kind of gamer, from those who want to have a casual bit of fun, to the ones who like playing competitively. For example, each thumbstick comes with reinforced rings that improve its durability and smoothens its actions.

The Xbox One Elite comes with an app for playing on its console, where one can customize each one of its controllers to the settings that they prefer. With this app, navigating through the controller options is made more accessible, where you can change your controller’s settings on the fly.

Overall, this controller was made to enhance a player’s gaming experience with its great design and fantastic features. While specifically made for the Xbox One console, many PC players who prefer to play with a controller will consider this a fine addition to their rig. From its reliable wireless connectivity to its pro-level of precision, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better controller.

Important Features:

  • A competitive level of precision
  • Grips and paddles allow for better control
  • PC-compatible
  • User-friendly app
  • Ergonomic design

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Best Build Design

A variety of patterns and colors to choose from

Relatively expensive

Comes with both USB and Wireless connection

Only compatible with PC and PS4 (using special software)

Unique touchpad feature

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Despite having a couple of years under its belt, the DualShock controllers from Sony is still considered part of the best models in the market. Its build design is exceptional, and you won’t have any latency trouble with its solid wireless connection. The latest version of this controller comes with improvements that prolong the battery life, an ever-welcome addition to any wireless device.

Its thumbsticks also come new and improved, being coated in a rugged surface that provides a better grip compared to the previous version. They also have a more responsive feel, ensuring that every action is accurate and fast-reacting.

With the new button for sharing, you can capture any moment during gameplay to add to your collection or share it with your friends. This controller also changes the way you interact inside a game.

With its intuitive touchpad, there’s a whole new level of extra mechanics that many game developers took advantage of to raise the level of immersion in their titles.

The touchpad itself has an LED light that’s useful for spotting the controller in dimly lit environments, and the unit can be charged via USB connection. You also have the option of going fully-wired and keeping the cable attached, so you don’t need to worry about battery life.

With the DualShock controller, there’s a color and design for everyone. Even today, Sony is still releasing new snazzy designs that gamers can appreciate. Despite being a standard piece of equipment that comes with buying a PS4 console, this still has a spot on our list for being part of the best user-friendly and innovative models to date.

Important Features:

  • Multiple designs and colors to choose from
  • Unique touchpad
  • Good comfort and grip
  • Share button
  • High-precision

AmazonBasics Controller

Best No-nonsense Design

Very affordable

No special features

Comes with audio jack

White color prone to looking dirty

Two rumble motors

Only compatible with Xbox and PC

Microsoft approved

Long cable

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We certainly didn’t expect this from Amazon, who created this controller made specifically for gamers who don’t have the budget to buy expensive models or don’t really have an interest in the features that they offer. From a grand perspective, while those features have their benefits, they’re really not that necessary. It has a very no-nonsense design with a selection of different colors to select from, all of which look very sleek. Aside from that, here are some of its features that might interest you.

This model comes with a wired connection that can be plugged directly into your Xbox or Windows 10 PC. And you don’t have to worry about maneuverability because it comes with an almost 10-foot long cable that’s more than enough to allow for some moving room.

While not exactly a ground-breaking feature, its rumble motors are a welcome addition, giving an extra level of immersion for your gaming experience. In terms of performance, this game handles well, and can easily keep up with even the most precision-based or fast-paced games.

The controller has the standard audio jack (3.5mm) that you can connect your headphones too. This is especially useful for cooperative play, where clear communication with your teammates is a must.

This controller is both compatible with both the Xbox and PC, but not the PS4 system. For the PC, any system that uses an OS of Windows 8 or above is compatible with this controller. Microsoft has officially licensed this controller, so you’re given the assurance that this model is of high-quality and perfectly suitable for Microsoft’s gaming systems. It is also backed by Amazon’s one year warranty, so you don’t have to worry in ever you receive a defective unit or if you break your controller accidentally.

Overall, this AmazonBasics controller has a very standard and straightforward set of features and design. The combination of its rumble motors, audio jack, long connecting cable, and very ergonomic design is the perfect fit for any gamer on a budget who doesn’t want a unit that sacrifices on quality.

Important Features:

  • Rumble motors
  • Audio capable
  • Microsoft license
  • 1-year warranty

The Best Settings For Competitive Online Play

After picking out the best controller for Fortnite that suits your preferences, you can optimize it even further by adjusting its default settings.

If you’re playing Fortnite on a console, you can choose a variety of pre-configured controls that’s suited or different play-styles, namely the:

  • Builder Pro

This option optimizes precision to allow for better in-game building.

  • Combat Pro

This is suited for those who have an aggressive play-style

  • Quick Builder

For those who prefer to build on the fly, this setting is for you.

  • Old School

A good standard for those who are used to playing on FPS controls.

Regardless of what setting you choose to stick with, you need to take some time and master the basic mechanics of the game. These settings can only help improve your overall performance, but your chances of victory still wholly rely on your skill (and sometimes, luck.)

What’s The Best Sensitivity Level For Battle Royale Games Like Fortnite?

What kind of sensitivity that’s best suited for you largely depends on your play-style, but here are a couple of standard options you can go with if you’re having a hard time figuring things out.

  • Building Sensitivity

Since sensitivity now influences build speed, choosing .80 – 1.20 is a good range to take advantage of this new feature.

  • Sensitivity Y

Most people prefer to keep their Y axis sensitivity between the .50 – .70 range.

  • Sensitivity X

Much like the Y-axis, the ideal range for the X-axis is .50 – .70.

  • Scope Sensitivity

This is especially important because it changes how weapon aiming. .20 – .40 is the average range that most players use because a long-distance requires slower aiming for higher precision.

  • Targeting Sensitivity

When you’re aiming with sights, the optimal range is .40 – .60, which is slightly higher than the scope sensitivity since this requires faster aiming suited for shorter distances.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide For The Best Controller For Fortnite

There are quite a few factors you need to consider when buying the right gaming controller for you. Gamers who want the most bang for their back shouldn’t rush into locking in a purchase without properly informing themselves.

Here are the key components that should be on the top of your checklist:


Your budget will influence the range of gaming controllers you can buy. Fortunately, controllers can cost as low as $20 and as high as $150 for those looking to splurge on some extra features. More often than not, the price of a model determines how up-to-date its specs are and how much useful components it offers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend an inordinate amount just to get the best controller for Fortnite, though.

We’ve specifically listed the best controllers that can meet the price range of many gaming enthusiasts, so it’s all up to you if you want to go all out on a high-end model or save a lot of money on an affordable one. Regardless of the controller, you end up choosing; you should make sure that it meets all your needs and requirements first and foremost.

Gaming Preference

This aspect might seem irrelevant, but some controller designs are better suited for playing a specific genre compared to others, making this crucial if you want to enhance your performance when playing your favorite titles. Some controllers have D-pads that are made perfectly for shooting games such as Fortnite Battle Royale.

Essentially, the kind of games you play will play a large role in what kind of controller you should buy. For example, if you’re into FPS games, you should get a controller that gives you better shooting accuracy. A controller with an ergonomic design is suited for RPG games that are usually long and drawn out. Having a controller that’s comfortable for your hands will help reduce the accumulated fatigue of long play times.


Wired gaming controllers will cost you less money, so they’re great if you’re on a tight budget, but they don’t offer the same convenience as a wireless controller.

Most wireless controllers use Bluetooth as their method for a wireless connection, where they can connect to other Bluetooth compatible devices like your PC or TV. These don’t require any wires that add to the clutter and hinders your mobility. One minor downside for the wireless controller is that it needs regular charging, but this can easily be remedied with an extra controller so you can swap in between them while the other is charging (if you have the extra cash.)

The majority of gaming controllers you will see today are Bluetooth compatible. This is mainly because of the convenience that it can provide. Despite being on the pricier side, many still choose the wireless option and consider it a long-term investment, since the best controllers will have a sturdy build that can last years of regular use.

If you’re going to be playing on a desktop, it might not be so bad to have a wired controller, so you don’t need to constantly charge since you have to be near your gaming rig anyway, unlike console gaming where setups are can be far away from you.

At the end of the day, it entirely depends on your personal preference. If you want a wired controller for your PC, then go for it. If you prefer a wireless model for your living room setup, that’s not a bad choice either. More often than not, you won’t be able to notice the difference between the two, anyway. Depending on your current setup, each connection type can either hinder or improve your gaming experience.


This aspect refers to the amount of ease and comfort a product provides. This is especially important for a controller since we generally use them for long hours without any breaks. If a controller wasn’t designed ergonomically, you’d immediately feel your hands getting fatigued even when you haven’t played for very long

The best controller for Fortnite will have an ergonomic design that’s lightweight and easy to handle to reduce muscle fatigue. For this very reason, testing out a controller and seeing how it feels in your hands is part of the smartest (and easiest) things you can do to find the right model for you.


Another factor one needs to consider is the compatibility of a controller. Some controllers are only made for use on a console, others for a PC. Regardless, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and money if you end up buying a controller that doesn’t work for your system, so be sure to double-check its compatibility specifications.

This is where Xbox One model controllers have the upper hand against PS4 controllers. Since they are made by Microsoft, they are often compatible with both the Xbox and PC.

Before you buy yourself a unit for your PC, it’s important to note that just because a model is PC-compatible, it doesn’t automatically mean that it can connect with your system. Some models are only compatible with specific OS like Windows 10, so check and see what kind of PC compatibility a controller has before you buy it.


There are many controllers that allow for complete customization, and some even feature a convenient control panel to make fast adjustments. Here, you can customize a variety of game aspects, such as audio quality and sensitivity.

Look for a controller with the customization features that you need, so you can efficiently change settings on the go without any hassle.

Programmable Buttons

Having a controller with programmable buttons is a boon. With this feature, you can optimize your buttons accordingly, depending on the situation. This is especially useful for games that have many combos, and you can skip the boring memorization and dedicate a few buttons to a specific move set.

This way, switching up your strategies is much easier in case your current one isn’t going so well. Makes sure that the controller you’re getting has a few customizable buttons to enhance your level of play.

Audio Jack

Audio jacks are an optional feature for your gaming controller, but they can also be a necessity if you like playing in cooperative modes during online sessions. If you prefer to play solo, then you can afford to skip this feature ahead.

However, we still recommend that you get a model with an audio jack since you won’t be able to use any of your headsets without them. A 3.5mm standard audio jack is the set standard for controller audio connections.

Aesthetic Appeal

While this shouldn’t really be on the top of your list, it doesn’t exactly hurt to have a sleek and cool-looking controller. Most models will even have lighting effects that will enhance its aesthetic design.

A simple muted color like black or gray with an eye-catching lighting accent will make your setup look even more beautiful. These controllers generally cost a bit more, though. But if you have a few extra bucks to spare, controllers that have Chroma lighting visual effects will make for a good addition to any setup.

How We Test Controllers

In the past, you can only see controllers that were produced by the most popular console manufacturers (i.e., Playstation, X Box). Today, however. More and more controller models are being released, not only by these manufacturers but third-party ones as well. It might seem overwhelming at first when you’re planning on buying the best controller for Fortnite.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve tested out the latest models through long-term use to see how they hold up during various types of play. We’ve considered all of the factors we’ve listed down in our buyer’s guide and determined which ones will please the most people. We’ve also tested these controllers by playing different genres outside of the battle royale genre such as:

Bloodborne: A fast-paced game that requires a good button layout and responsive controls

Soul Calibur 6: Another title that requires a lightning-fast response and accurate button mashing for the best combos

Forza Motorsport 7: We test controllers out with this racing game to determine the performance of their analog sticks. The best controller for Fortnite should quickly snap back to its original position when not pushed, and it should feel comfortable for the fingers even after long hours of use.









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