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Best Android Controller – 2021

Written by September 5, 2020

  1. Best Noise Canceling Headphones – 2021

    Sometimes, nothing can ruin your day more than a constant irritating noise coming from some inescapable source. You could be traveling abroad on a long-haul flight, and there’s an infant that won’t stop crying, or someone may be snoring up a storm from the row behind you, or you could be on a window seat…

  2. Best Mirrorless Camera – 2021

    If you own a DSLR camera, you might not see any reason to consider switching to a mirrorless camera. Trying one out in your local camera store will surprise you. They are a step up from DSLR cameras and have loads of features that you probably never knew you needed. This article will help you…

  3. Best Gaming TVs – 2021

    What makes a TV the best gaming TV? You can plug a console (or a PC) into any TV, and you are good to go. Surely a great TV will also be a great gaming TV? Not necessarily, but technology is tending that way as more manufacturers wake up to the idea that our TV…

  4. Best Gaming Processors – 2021

    When it comes to the creation of a gaming PC, there are several essential things to think of. There’s your graphics processing unit or GPU to be able to display your games at excellent quality and fast frame rates. And then, of course, random access memory or RAM so your games’ essential data can load…

  5. Best Wireless Headphones – 2021

    Back in 2016, Apple took the momentous decision to no longer fit iPhones with the standard headphone jack. The decision forced iPhone users to use wireless headphones instead. Other companies, like Motorola, soon followed. Bluetooth technology has advanced to the point where using wireless headphones is not a problem for most people. A whole new…

  6. Best Gaming Monitor – 2021

    Monitors have quite a fantastic history. First made in 1922, it wasn’t until 32 years later that they began selling the first CRT monitors commercially. About 50 years later, the LCD was released in the 2000s. Today, the best gaming monitors that display your gaming adventures without blurring, flickering, or tearing can be found anywhere….

  7. Best NVMe SSD – 2021

    Be prepared for a deluge of acronyms, which is unavoidable when discussing SSD or Solid State Drives. It can be overwhelming, but we’ve done all the leg work needed to provide you with information about the NVMe SSD that is gaining some ground on the more common SATA SSD. But first, let’s start with the…

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