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Our Mission

To help our audience navigate a digital world that grows more complex every day. We strive to cut through the noise and explain technology in a straightforward, humanized way.


TechEye is an award-winning multimedia publisher that reports on the latest in technology. Our focus is on new products and services that form a part of everyday life, and how those products will change our lives in the future.

We believe that our success isn’t a coincidence. It’s a direct result of the way we talk about technology. A lot of “tech” sites are all about hardware and specifications. This is great for geeks, but it doesn’t do much for your average John or Jane Doe. Instead, we focus on what these gadgets can do, both in your everyday life and in the world around you.

By viewing the world through a human lens, TechEye skips the marketing hype, and talks about technology the same way you’d talk about it with your friends over a cup of coffee. By the time you’re done reading about the latest smartphone, you’ll feel like an expert.

Meet The Team

TechEye doesn’t just write for tech enthusiasts. In fact, most of our audience are everyday people who couldn’t care less about tech. They just want to find a product that works, upgrade to a better smartphone, or learn how to replace their laptop battery. It’s these audience members that make our editors most passionate. They make everything we do possible, while ensuring that our company follows our strict editorial guidelines.

  • Authentic reporting, expertise, and voice.

  • Driven to continually improve the audience experience.

  • Approachable, by explaining today’s technology in everyday terms.